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Be a hero — be a Con Suite ServSafe volunteer!

Chris W.
Con Suite

A green circle, overlaid with black text reading "I helped feed WisCon 40"One of the most beloved spaces at WisCon is the Con Suite — which makes our Con Suite ServSafe volunteers some of the most important hidden heroes of the convention.

What makes for a Con Suite ServSafe volunteer?  In addition to a commitment to volunteering in the Con Suite for a few hours, you must also have a current ServSafe food safety certificate.  In order for the Con Suite to serve any food, we’re required by our contract with the Concourse Hotel to ensure that all food preparation is overseen by someone with the ServSafe certification.

What do ServSafe volunteers do?  During your shift, you will essentially be the volunteer who supervises all food-handling.  Anyone volunteering in the Con Suite can help prepare food, but ONLY if there’s a ServSafe volunteer who’s overseeing all of the food prep.  You, as that ServSafe volunteer, will keep an eye out that all our food is being prepared safely according to the ServSafe guidelines.  Are all food-handlers washing their hands and wearing gloves?  Is food being stored safely?  Are hot foods are the correct temperature?  And so on.

Why is it so necessary to have ServSafe-certified supervisors?  Well, in a nutshell — we really, really don’t want anyone to get sick.  Those of us who are regular attendees of conventions may be familiar with concrud, but there’s a post-con cold and then there’s norovirus.  WisCon’s Con Suite, in all its years, has never been the source of a food poisoning outbreak, but during WisCon 32 in 2008 we were caught by an epidemic of norovirus that hit Madison.  Our Con Suite wasn’t the source and WisCon wasn’t the only group hit by it — many people who ate at downtown restaurants were also affected as well as lots of people involved in Madison’s Memorial Day marathon.  But because WisCon was the largest single group impacted, the particular strain of norovirus that hit Madison that year has been officially designated “AY502008 (Wiscon).”  Longtime WisCon attendees still refer to this as “Wischolera,” and after that year the Concourse Hotel began requiring that our Con Suite staff be ServSafe certified.

What is ServSafe certification and how do you get it?  The ServSafe certification course is entirely online — you’ll need an internet connection and time enough to complete the course and receive your certificate.  The course takes from an hour to two-and-a-half hours (depending on your personal pace) to complete, but you can stop at any time and return to the course later.  The course is broken into sections and you’re quizzed along the way so that you’re pretty well prepared for the final test at the end.  There is a cost for taking the course, but WisCon will pay for it.

Do you already have a current ServSafe certification in Wisconsin??  OMG, please come join us!  All we’ll need is a copy of your current certificate.

Are there any side effects associated with becoming ServSafe certified?  Well, it’s true that our ServSafe-certified Con Suite volunteers report a complete inability to eat any free food that appears at their day jobs, because who knows how long it’s been sitting out?  So if you have any food anxieties, this is probably not the volunteer task for you (but please do consider some of WisCon’s other at-con volunteer jobs!).

But if you do take up the ServSafe certification mantle, you will become a true hero of the Con Suite and can bask in the satisfaction that YOU helped feed WisCon 40!

For all the details you’ll need on taking the course, getting reimbursed, and choosing a shift, email!

WisCon 40 — At-con volunteers needed

Kristin Livdahl

A purple badge holder that declares "I volunteered at WisCon"WisCon relies on volunteers for all aspects of convention-planning and to ensure a successful and enjoyable weekend for everyone. We still have a variety of volunteer shifts to fill in many departments and these volunteers are critical to our success.

Please contact us at for more information on openings, if you have any questions, or to sign up.

Please consider joining us for a shift or more during the convention!

Volunteer positions listed by department

Children’s Programming — Needs 2 people each for Saturday and Sunday from 1-3:45 pm. A background check will be required.

Logistics — Looking for someone local to help with directing the movers for convention set up and tear down.

A/V — Could use a couple volunteers to help with set-up before major events, programming, and parties throughout the weekend.

Con Suite — This area is often understaffed. We need volunteers the entire time the Con Suite is open to provide hospitality to convention goers. We also have a need for a few more volunteers who are ServSafe certified or willing to become certified.

Art Show — This area is also often understaffed. Volunteers are needed to help with set up, tear down, sales, and during the show preview (on Friday night). We have a schedule set-up with lots of openings.

Access — Needs 1-2 people throughout the convention to set up blue tape (early mornings and before Opening Ceremonies, the Tiptree Auction, and the Dessert Salon).

Green Room — Needs volunteers throughout the convention as programming runs.

Registration — Is open almost the entire convention and needs volunteers throughout.

Safety — Various shifts open throughout the weekend. Training provided.

Tiptree Bakesale — Needs volunteers for 1-hour shifts from 11am-4pm on Saturday.

For volunteers interested a more serious time commitment with possible conversion to a ConCom position for Wiscon 41, the Gathering needs an at-con lead! The Gathering is the official start to WisCon — every year on Friday at 1pm sharp!  The Gathering is a fair full of fun, free activities.  This is the time and place to decompress from the rigors of travel, meet friends old and new, make the transition to WisCon space-time, and get into the WisCon frame of mind!

Most of our pre-con Gathering tasks have been handled already, so the remaining set-up will involve: bringing Gathering items out of Storage, making last-minute adjustments to layouts, and fielding donations (books, clothes, nail polish). During the Gathering itself, the at-con Gathering lead is available to give short breaks to volunteers who staff their tables.

This position will require the volunteer to be available on Friday morning and afternoon during the set-up and running of the Gathering itself. Pick-up after the Gathering usually cuts into the first Programming timeslot.”

Thank you!

All volunteers this year will receive a WisCon logo water bottle as a “thank you” gift. Volunteer six or more hours and you will be eligible to request a volunteer rebate.

We look forward to working with you!

Hotel reminder — Concourse Hotel’s 7-day cancellation policy


WisCon is just 13 days away — and if you have a hotel reservation that you don’t need, now is the time to contact the Concourse to cancel it!

The Concourse’s cancellation policy is:  A reservation must be canceled by 4pm Central Time 7 days prior to arrival, otherwise you’ll be charged 1 night.

If you do need to cancel your reservation, call the Concourse at 1-800-356-8293.

The Concourse does keep a waitlist of reservations who booked at a higher rate and would like to move into the WisCon room block, so canceling your reservation could help another WisCon member save money.

If you’d prefer to transfer your unneeded reservation to another member, you can often connect with someone who needs a room by dropping a note in one of the communities mentioned on our Hotel page under “Want roommates?” or by posting to the WisCon hashtags (#WisCon, #WisCon40) on Twitter.

WisCon 40 — Announcing our full programming schedule!!!

Tempest Bradford, Tanya DePass, Joanna Lowenstein, & Stef Maruch

Hello, Wiscon 40 members!  The long wait for this year’s programming is over. We have thirteen sessions in our academic track, several gaming events throughout the convention, and over one-hundred thirty panels to choose from among ten different tracks.

Here is the full schedule grid!!

If you’re looking for something in particular, the schedule grid is searchable!  There are also three display options — schedule, list, and grid.  Plus, you can use the event types at the top to filter by events, the Gathering, the Writers’ Workshop, the academic track, (panel) program items, readings, kids’ programming, parties, gaming, and the ever-popular “other.”  And did you know that you can click more than one type at a time?  In case your main interests at WisCon are the Writers’ Workshop and parties.  Clicking “all event types” will get you back to the main grid.

We’ve done our best to make sure there’s something for everyone who attends!


WisCon 40 — Announcing our Dessert Salon dessert selections

Dessert Salon

The Dessert Salon team presents your WisCon 40 Dessert Salon Menu. Feast your eyes on the delectable offerings and their despicable allergens in the table below!  Of, if you’d like to manipulate the data to your heart’s content, you can view the allergen table in this Google Sheet.

Tickets are on a pay-what-you-can scale of $10 to $25 and will remain available via our website (you will need an account) through the close of online registration on May 15.

WisCon Dessert Salon allergy guide

Dessert Name Contains These Allergens Does Not Contain These Allergens
Banana Cream Pie with Toasted Almonds contains: gluten, milk, egg, tree nuts, corn does not contain: artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine, coconut
Brazilian Chocolate Pavè contains: gluten, milk, egg, corn does not contain: tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine, coconut
Carrot Cake with Maple Icing contains: gluten, milk, egg does not contain: tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, corn, caffeine, coconut
GF Chocolate Decadence Cake with Whipped Caramel contains: milk, egg, corn does not contain: gluten, tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine, coconut
GF Vegan Chocolate Dipped Strawberries contains: no listed allergens does not contain: gluten, milk, egg, tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, corn, caffeine, coconut
GF Vegan Coconut Budino with Passionfruit Hibiscus Coulis contains: corn, coconut does not contain: gluten, milk, egg, tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine
GF Espresso Cream Coffee Cup Petit Fours contains: milk, corn, caffeine does not contain: gluten, egg, tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, coconut
GF Vegan Fresh Fruit Cups with Strawberries, Blueberries, Pineapple, and Melon contains: no listed allergens does not contain: gluten, milk, egg, tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, corn, caffeine, coconut
Key Lime Pie contains: gluten, milk, egg, artificial color, corn does not contain: tree nuts, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine, coconut
Lemon Mascarpone Cheesecake contains: gluten, milk, egg does not contain: tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, corn, caffeine, coconut
Meyer Lemon Meringue Bar contains: gluten, milk, egg, corn does not contain: tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine, coconut
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts contains: gluten, milk, egg, tree nuts does not contain: artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, corn, caffeine, coconut
Profiteroles with Bavarian Cream and Dark Chocolate Glaze contains: gluten, milk, egg, corn does not contain: tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine, coconut
Raspberry White Chocolate Tartlettes contains: gluten, milk, egg does not contain: tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, corn, caffeine, coconut
Red Velvet Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting contains: gluten, milk, egg, artificial color, corn does not contain: tree nuts, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine, coconut
GF Salted Caramel Pudding with Chantilly Cream contains: milk, egg, corn does not contain: tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, caffeine, coconut
GF Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Dark Sweet Cherries contains: milk, gelatin does not contain: egg, tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, corn, caffeine, coconut
Vegan Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing contains: gluten, soy does not contain: milk, egg, tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, gelatin, corn, caffeine, coconut
GF Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle Bar contains: coconut does not contain: gluten, milk, egg, tree nuts, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, corn, caffeine
GF Vegan Rice Pudding with Cardamom and Pistachios contains: tree nuts does not contain:gluten, milk, egg, artificial color, peanuts, soy, gelatin, corn, caffeine, coconut

WisCon 40 — Announcing our party lineup

Gretchen & Sooshe

A good part of the fun at WisCon is the numerous member-hosted parties. Here is the lineup for WisCon40. Check your pocket program or the WisCon app to get the correct time, location, and additional details of each event. See you at WisCon40, and party on, people!

Friday’s events

Carl Brandon Society Party Up!

  • Friday in Room 629
  • Hosted by Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford of The Carl Brandon Society

Colo(u)r your world(s) with the Carl Brandon Society in celebration of POC representation in the fantastic genres. Make crowns, win award-earning books, give donations, hear about progress in our many programs, hang out. And remember: If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

SCI-FI SAVED MY LIFE! (A Think Galactic Party)

  • Friday in Room 627
  • Hosted by Jacob Daniel Casella and Elijah Itah of Think Galactic

At SCI-FI SAVED MY LIFE! we want to collect passages and quotes from spec fic stories that have been meaningful or transformative to us personally. Please consider the story that made you realize you loved sci-fi or something you read that shifted your viewpoint, something that resonates with where you are at or want to be, or just a beautiful bit of writing that feeds you. We encourage you to bring short pieces of fiction to share. Also, come dressed as people in need of saving and/or saviors and/or wearing implements of saving. We’d love to see folks in armor, doctors, survivalist gear, life preservers – for example. SCI-FI SAVED MY LIFE! is brought to you by Chicago’s premier leftist sci-fi book group THINK GALACTIC. The current reading list is on

Saturday’s events

Haiku Earring Party

  • Saturday in Room 627
  • Hosted by Elise Matthesen

The Haiku Earring Party is back after last year’s hiatus! Come be part of a WisCon tradition. There are many many pairs of earrings waiting for you to choose yours, get a title from Elise, and write a haiku. (Well, senryu, usually, but we’re flexible. We’ve even gotten the occasional sonnet.) Come and write, or just come by to visit and read the poetry.

Vid Party

  • Saturday in Room 629
  • Hosted by Melissa Getreu, Sandy Olson, Alexis Lothian, and Gretchen T.

Vids are fan-created remix videos with something to say. They are also super fun. Come join us at WisCon’s 7th annual Vid Party! As usual there will be a sing-along portion with subtitled vids, as well as short shows on various themes (to be announced). #VidParty

Will Do Magic For Small Change Book and CD release Party

  • Saturday in Conference V
  • Hosted by Andrea Hairston and Pan Morigan

This is a release party for Andrea’s new novel, Will Do Magic For Small Change and Pan’s CD–which is songs from Andrea’s novels Redwood and Wildfire and Will Do Magic For Small Change, and from Andrea’s novelette Saltwater Railroad. We’ll do singing and theatre and eat yummy food and get everybody to tell tall tales.

Saturday Night DDP Yoga Party (and Dance Off)

  • Saturday in Conference II
  • Hosted by Jacqueline Gross and Mikki Kendall

We know that yoga can be appropriated but can it also be gendered? Join us as we plumb the mysteries of DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) Yoga, as well as other sources. There may also be dancing at the end. This is a very casual activity. Come ready to laugh and sweat.

Floomp VI: Time Travel

  • Saturday in Assembly
  • Hosted by Liz Gorinsky and Meghan McCarron

Continuing a six-year-old WisCon tradition, The Floomp is a gleeful dance party that seeks to create a queer space for everyone. Beyond the obvious fun of dressing up and dancing our brains out, we aim to foster an inclusive and responsible space for the queer-identified and all their friends. Like its inspiration, The Tiptree Awards, The Floomp remains a safer space to explore and expand ideas of gender with no judgements. DJ Buckminster Fuller and other special guests, including Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz, will keep the party going all night—or at least until the hotel kicks us out. This year’s theme is Time Travel. Adherence to theme is by no means required, but it’s a fine time to break out your best historic or futuristic duds if you have them.

Sunday’s events

Strange Horizons Tea Party

  • Sunday in Room 627 from 3pm-4:30pm
  • Hosted by Catherine Krahe of Strange Horizons

The Strange Horizons Tea Party offers a variety of tea and treats for you to enjoy as you chat about stunning poetry, insightful articles, critical reviews, inspiring short fiction, eye-opening art, and anything else that comes to mind.

The Robot’s Guide To Love Roboriffic Release Party

  • Sunday in Room 627
  • Hosted by Shayla Dunn and Theo Lorenz

Come join us to color the night away and celebrate the release of The Robot’s Guide To Love Coloring Book by Theo Lorenz. If you are now or ever plan to become a robot, you might just need this book to help you find your perfect dreambot.

By the bi

  • Sunday in Room 629
  • Hosted by Lou Hoffman, Betsy Lundsten, and Colleen Waldie

A Venn diagram of non-monosexuals and fandom would put this party right in the fabulous middle. Come celebrate bisexual, pansexual, queer, unlabeled, and other non-monosexual identies in fandom. Food, drinks, games, what else makes a great party? Will we have live fanfic readings? Will we have a raffle for bi and pan colored swag? You’ll just have to come by to find out. (It WILL be amazing, though. That’s not in dispute.) While this is a celebration of non-monosexual identities, all are welcome.

Monday’s events

Fond Farewell Party

  • Monday in Room 629
  • Hosted by Ctein and Laura Majerus

If you’re still here on Monday night, come join others who are still here for a Fond Farewell party. We’ll have munchies, beverages, and good conversation. It’s the last party for Wiscon 2016! It’ll begin at 9 PM and run until the last fan falls over.

WisCon 40 — Announcing the activities for The Gathering

Jackie Lee
The Gathering

The Gathering has many returning events this year, along with some new ones.  Thirteen activities in all!

Swaps old and new rely on your donations. Per usual, please bring clean clothing you’d like to get rid of at the Clothing Swap — and continuing a new tradition started last year, bring any good-condition bottles of nail polish you’d like to get rid of at the Nail Polish Swap. Finally, this year we’ll have a Book Swap for the first time at the Gathering. If you’ve ever had a book that you read, loved, wanted to get rid of, but hesitated after thinking, “This needs to go to a WisCon person…”, bring that book along! [Bonus: You’ll have room for the books you buy at WisCon in your suitcase!] Feminist sf/f especially welcome. For all three swaps — clothing, nail polish, and books — you are welcome to peruse and take things home with you even if you don’t have anything to donate.  In the feminist utopia there is no currency!!

In addition to swaps, the Fiber Circle returns for those who knit, spin, crochet, and so forth.  The concom’s Anti-Abuse Team will be available to answer questions you might have while also providing some social justice coloring materials. We’ve also got a non-themed Coloring Table — bring any favorite coloring pages or supplies!

Steven Universe fans — you can Create Your Own Gemsona!  And we’ll also have Tarot Readings, Fancy Hair Braiding, and Temporary Tattoos.

WisCon’s Gaming team will staffing the Puzzling! table, where you can work on jigsaw puzzles.  You can also talk to them about gaming that will be held later in the convention, or maybe even sign up for an RPG.

As always, the Tiptree Auction Preview will be happening at the Gathering so you can you can view and write bids.  This year, Space Babe blasters are happening. Aww, yiss.  Pew! Pew! Pew! ZAP!!  Take THAT, kyriarchy!

And, of course, we’ll have Coffee, Tea, and Subversion — this year hosted by the SF3 Fundraising Committee, who will be doing their best to subvert you to the cause of WisCon’s Member Assistance Fund.

Come join us at the start of WisCon — find old friends, make new ones, or just bask in the atmosphere of like-minded feminist sf/f fans. It’s a warm start to a great weekend.

WisCon 40 — Announcing our Art Show artists

Tahlia Day
Art Show

This year the Art Show is in a bigger space — it’s moved from its long-time location on the second floor down to the Senate rooms on the first floor.  Not only will this mean a space that’s easier to navigate, it also means we’re able to welcome thirteen more artists than we had at WisCon 39.

This year the show will feature forty-five artists working in a wide variety of media.  Sixteen of our artists are new to the WisCon Art Show!

We are very pleased to welcome:

Clara Abnet-Holden — Drawing and painting
Kari Askeland — Paper sculpture and photography
Lisa Bergin — Felted sculpture/fiber art
Susan Simensky Bietila — Illustration/political cartoons
Gerald Blackwell — 3D rendering art
Ty Blauersouth — Jewelry
Cassandre Bolan — Fantasy illustration
Alana Boltwood — HexaSexual sculpture project
Cherie Brandseth — Jewelry
J. J. Brutsman — Fiber art monsters
Anna Bunting-Branch — Animation
Katie Clapham — Photography
Sarah Clemens — Fantasy illustration
Darcy Davis — Origami sculpture
Tahlia Day — Watercolor/mixed media painting
Meredith Dillman — Painting and illustration
Rhea Ewing — Illustration and comics
Kate Forest — Photography
Mollie Garner — Polymer clay dolls
Geek Calligraphy — Calligraphy and prints
Erika Hammerschmidt — Jewelry
Ingrid Kallick — Painting and illustration
Laura Krentz — Fiber art sculpture
Suzanne Lakas — Painting
Karen Loper — Collage
Theo Nicole Lorenz — Coloring books
Theresa Mather — Painting and illustration
Rory Metcalf — Handmade scarves
Christine Mitzuk — Painting and illustration
Mary Anne Mohanraj — Collage and textile design
Lee Moyer — Illustration
Katherine Olson — Jewelry and photography
Mary Prince — Mixed media, painting, calligraphy
April Robinson — Drawing and painting
Linda Robinson — Action figures
Shor Salkas — Pottery
SamHain Press — Illustration, book sculpture, jewelry
Lisa Sell — Sculpture, masks, jewelry
Nevenah Smith — Etched glass and glass sculpture
Heather Tatarek — Painting
Tiffany Toland-Scott — Painting and illustration
Charles Urbach — Illustration
Alex Wells — Sculpture/art dolls
Claire Whitmore — Illustration
Peregrin Winkle — Coloring books

WisCon 40 — Gaming update!


WisCon is weeks away! Are you ready to get your game on?

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, WisCon will offer role-playing, storytelling, and board gaming.

Board games will run each evening from 8pm to 12am in the second floor lobby in front of the Dealers’ Room doors. We will teach and play a variety of modern board games open to casual drop-in players. Most games will be suitable in theme and content for players of a variety of ages from teens and up, although they may not hold the attention of those 12 and younger. New players are welcome!  We are especially excited to welcome a team of volunteers from Madison’s own Pegasus Games, who are bringing an onslaught of new and popular board games.

Reserving Seats

Reserve a seat to ensure a spot in one of our games! Reservations are not required, but they are recommended, especially for role-playing and storytelling games. A board outside of the Dealers’ Room will feature that evening’s featured board games, along with board game sign-up space.

For role-playing and storytelling games, please sign up by contacting us at, or visit the Gaming table at the Gathering on Friday. Throughout the con, we will advertise games that are looking for players, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for posters, tweets, and whispers.

Game Scheduling

For board games, please refer to the board in front of the Dealers’ Room each afternoon for a list of proposed featured games for the evening.  We still have room for more!  If you would like to add a game you’re prepared to facilitate, please contact us at Our board gaming space lends itself to multiple concurrent games, so the more, the merrier!  Please stop by any time between 8pm and 12am to see if new games are starting up soon, or start one yourself; board gaming is open to casual drop-ins.

For role-playing and storytelling games, please see below. If you’re planning to participate in a role-playing game, please arrive on time and consider reserving a spot by emailing us at

Please note that more games may be added between now and the convention; visit the Gaming table at the Gathering or check the board in the Dealers’ Room Lobby for each evening’s offerings!

Board Games Available at WisCon 40

  • Bullfrogs
  • Chess
  • Chez Geek
  • Codenames
  • Coup
  • Cribbage
  • Dominoes
  • Galaxy Truckers
  • Knit Wit
  • Mansions of Madness
  • Pandemic
  • Playing Cards (jumbo face)
  • Resistance
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Telestrations
  • Ticket To Ride
  • … and many more!

Role-Playing Games at WisCon 40

Laser Kittens

  • facilitated by Megan Condis
  • Friday, 8pm-11pm
  • Conference 3

Welcome to the Knoll St School for Wayward Kittens! KSSWK is a big house where orphaned kittens are fostered until they are big enough to be adopted by their forever homes. To the humans, KSSWK is just an ordinary home where they take in kittens who need some love — but to the kittens, it’s like a school where you learn to be a real cat. As a student at KSSWK, you’ll go on exciting kitty adventures and learn important lessons about how to grow up into an awesome cat. Your most important lesson will be how to control your laser — a unique and powerful supernatural ability that the humans don’t know about!


  • facilitated by Jon Cole
  • Friday, 8pm-12am
  • Conference 4

Welcome to Shemesh — the city of light! Built over the remains of an old, rusted city, Shemesh is a utopia of innovation, sustainability, and peace. This diverse city draws most of its power from the sun. Rooftop gardens, solar panels, and luminescent moss provide a colorful and serene backdrop for city life. The most beautiful gems of Shemesh, however, are its inhabitants — the caring, beautiful, flawed people who live within its walls.

In Shemesh, players will work together to create and explore a Solarpunk utopia. Play will involve creating locations, characters, and examining how conflicts are resolved in utopia.

HeroQuest Glorantha

  • facilitated by Edgar “Gar” Francis
  • Sunday, 8pm-12am
  • Conference 3

Pavis is a city of a thousand stories. Your story begins with questions like: “Who killed your employer?,” “How can you stay one step ahead of the most feared swordswomen in the city?”, and “Who or what is the mysterious Purple Troll?”

“The Purple Troll” is an adventure for HeroQuest in Glorantha. No prior experience with HeroQuest or the world of Glorantha is necessary.

What Would WisCon Drink?

Chris Wallish
SF3 Communications Committee

Our friends at the Concourse Hotel are letting us take over the drink menu in the bar again!  If you can come up with an interesting idea for a WisCon-centric drink, the Concourse’s bartender will consider adding it to the menu for the convention.

How it works:

All you need to include is the drink name and any suggested colors/ingredients.  Give a short explanation of the reference if it’s obscure.

Alcoholic suggestions very welcome — non-alcoholic drinks strongly encouraged!

The one catch:  We have just 24 hours to collect suggestions, so think fast!  Give us your suggestions by commenting on this blog post, commenting on our Facebook post, or tweeting at us.

Don’t forget to review your programming assignments!

Chris Wallish
SF3 Communications Committee

We’ve reached the penultimate step in the process of revealing our schedule for WisCon 40 — preliminary programming assignments have been sent out!!

Did you receive an email about your preliminary assignment?  That means the crucial part of this step is now in your hands.  Please log into your WisCon account  and respond to each of your assignments.  Hit the accept/decline link and on the next page select either “This works for me.” or “I have a problem.”  There’s a box where you can leave a comment about what’s not working for you — use this box, as it will help our programming team sort things out!

If you’ve been placed on a panel, you have through Monday, April 25, at 11:59pm Central Time to respond to your preliminary assignments.

Did you NOT get an email about programming assignments?  Check your spam, and if you still don’t see it you can always just log in at to see if you’ve been assigned to anything.  Your preliminary program will show up on the main page after login.

If you are accepting ANY of your programming assignments, please take a moment to also review your program name and bio.  How do you find that?  On the main page — where it says “Hello, [name]!  You are logged in as [email address]” — you’ll find a line with your name.  Immediately to the right of your name will be the hyperlinked word “Edit.”  Click on that to be taken to the profile page.

On the profile page, you can set your badge name.  You can set how your name will appear in the Pocket Program Book.  And if you’d like your name to NOT appear when we post the schedule online, there’s a ticky-box for that.

If you enter a website URL, your participant information online will link to it.

Complete the “Short bio” box with how you’d like to be biographied in our Pocket Program Book and in the WisSched app.  Complete the “Long bio” to have a longer biography on our website, where the pixels are free and we’re not constrained by the limitations of paper size and cost.

Click “Save” and you’re good!  And we’re one bit closer to releasing the kraken full WisCon 40 schedule!!