Volunteer Rebate

Volunteer Rebates are not available for WisCon 2023.

WisCon is successful thanks to the work of our members — everyone who works six or more hours during the convention, presents a paper, appears on a panel, and/or works on the planning committee in the months before WisCon is a volunteer. Our volunteers come from our community, and we’re all here at WisCon because we love it and we want it to succeed. But as a whole, WisCon and our parent organization SF3, recognize that “free” labor is a burden that not everyone can afford.

In recognition of that fact, and to help make WisCon more affordable, we offer a rebate on the price of convention membership to our volunteers.

To qualify for a WisCon Volunteer Rebate, a volunteer must:

  • Serve on the WisCon Convention Committee; or
  • Participate in programming by appearing on a panel or presenting a paper; or
  • Volunteer for six hours during the convention, with all hours confirmed by the relevant Convention Committee Department Lead.


  • Opt to receive the rebate using the form provided by WisCon’s Registration desk at the convention.

Rebates are disbursed within four weeks of the end of the convention, usually via PayPal. Disbursement via a mailed check is available upon request. The amount of the rebate varies, but can be up to 40% of the price of the membership it is applied to.

WisCon’s Volunteer Rebates are intended to increase affordability, and funds that are not disbursed go toward our overall efforts to keep costs low and to make the convention inclusive and affordable to all.