Green Room

The Green Room is a place where panelists, workshop facilitators, authors doing readings, and game facilitators can gather their thoughts or meet before their programs. It’s generally a peaceful place for quiet discussions, contemplation and last minute preparation. Green Room staff members are there to help solve logistical problems (“Where’s my slide projector?”) or to offer other advice and assistance.

Items to support your program may also be available in the Green Room, including easel-sized pads of regular and post-it paper, white boards, and white board markers. It’s best if you can request those things in advance so Green Room volunteers can set them aside for you or put them into your program room, but if you forgot, it’s still worth stopping by.

The name tents that identify program participants are stored in the Green Room. Moderators and facilitators need to make sure they drop by the Green Room before their panel begins to pick up name tents.

Coffee and tea are available here as well for all program participants.

a room with tables and chairs, and a snack/coffee station