Dealers’ Room

Here you will find descriptions of and links to many of the fine dealers you would have found in a physical dealer’s room this year. It is our plan to have a physical dealer’s room at a physical convention actually in Madison in 2021, with as many of these dealers as will have us, plus more!


Alex Heberling
Alex Heberling is the author of The Hues, a modern magical girl series that takes place in Columbus, and follows a group of super powered teenage girls who fight invading aliens.

Annette Laing
Annette Laing is an academic historian turned MG/YA author of The Snipesville Chronicles (“Clever and Charming Time-Travel Adventure”–Kirkus Reviews).  Dealing unblinkingly with race, class, and gender,  Annette’s books are also engaging and  entertaining, and she has won praise for connecting young and adult audiences to a relevant past, both through the writing, and as a practitioner of non-boring history in schools around the U.S.

Rosarium Publishing
Rosarium Publishing specializes in comics and science fiction with a multicultural flair. As we like to say, whoever you are, you’re in Rosarium.

O Human Star
Blue Delliquanti is the author of several graphic novels, including O Human Star and Meal, and their work has appeared in comic anthologies including New World and FTL Y’All.

Queen of Swords Press
Queen of Swords is a small genre fiction press based in Minneapolis and run by Catherine Lundoff (longtime convention attendee and program participant). We publish multiple titles that include fantasy, horror and steampunk and our authors include Alex Acks and A.J. Fitzwater, as well as Catherine herself. We’ll be releasing a new title by A.J. Fitzwater in 2020.

D. Lieber—Urban Fantasy Author
D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television, Bollywood, or old movies.

PM Press
PM Press is an independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire. Founded in 2007 by a small group of people with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience, PM Press amplifies the voices of radical authors, artists, and activists. Our aim is to deliver bold political ideas and vital stories to all walks of life and arm the dreamers to demand the impossible. We have sold millions of copies of our books, most often one at a time, face to face. We’re old enough to know what we’re doing and young enough to know what’s at stake. Join us to create a better world.

Aqueduct Press
Aqueduct Press publishes feminist sf and fantasy.

Frugal Muse Books
In business for 25 years with a large section of all books, we host the SF3 monthly book discussion and have been selling at WisCon for many years.

F-BOM, or “Feminist Book of the Month”, is a sci-fi, fantasy and feminist book club.

L.A. Wasielewski–Fantasy Author
L.A.Wasielewski is a gamer, nerd, baseball fan (even though the Brewers make it very difficult sometimes), and mom.  When she’s not writing, she’s blasting feral ghouls and super mutants in the wastelands, baking and cooking, and generally being a smart-ass.  She’s very proud of the fact that she has survived several years with two drum kits in the house–and still has most ofher hearing intact.

N E Riggs
Fantasy and science-fiction novels.

Haymarket Books
Haymarket Books is a radical, non-profit publisher of books on a wide range of social justice themes. We aim to connect activists, critical scholars, and general readers with the ideas they need in the struggle for a better world.

A Room Of One’s Own

Special note: Books especially recommended for WisCONline folks!

A Room of One’s Own Bookstore has been a fixture in downtown Madison, Wisconsin since 1975. Room offers a wide selection of current and classic fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, local interest titles, gifts, toys, and greeting cards. We also have strong children’s and young adult, women’s studies and LGBTQ fiction and nonfiction sections. We are proud to be a central part of Madison’s women’s community, and our roots in Madison’s feminist community go deep. Our store has given us the opportunity to provide a meeting place, event forum, and safe space. We are happy to host community events. We are happy to be able to offer e-books, digital audiobooks through and web orders for in-store pickup or mail delivery through our website! Please note that our website does not reflect our in-store stock: please call us at (608) 257-7888 to find out if we have the title (new or used) that you would like.

Jewelry and Clothing

Oooh Pretties
I hand-craft jewelry using beautiful and interesting stones. My work ranges from simple beading to larger hand-fabricated pieces with something for every budget.

Quiltsbybarb/ fashions bags, purses and wallets using repurposed textiles.  Every item is handmade by Barb and unique.  Barb uses whatever she feels like using in the moment to make her creations.

The Black Sheep’s Friend
I create machine embroidered and quilted accessories and home items, specializing in geeky, punny, and cute designs. Custom and commissioned items are welcome. Keep an eye out for a sale on Instagram Memorial Day weekend!

Dragon Abbey Jewelry Design
Hand made jewelry in a variety of styles and materials, but leaning heavily towards wire, semi-precious stones, and high quality Czech glass.

Nightengale Needles LLC
Handmade plush, scarves, hats, hoods, and other fabric based goods. We make a special focus on LGBTQA+ Pride items in addition to our original and fan creations.

SeWeird Galactic Accessories
SeWeird is your one stop cosmic shop for all your nerdy needs!

Kat’s Magical Creations
Kat’s Magical Creations features Fused Glass Jewelry and other magical Fused Glass items.  Kat’s Magical Jewelry is created from discarded fairy wings, dragon scales, and other bewitching found objects. As you know, fairies, like other magical creatures, regularly shed their wings and grow a new pair. What to do with the discarded wings and such? How about making beautiful jewelry infused with magic? The objects are gathered, sprinkled with pixie dust, blessed by a wizard with healing powers, and turned to glass with dragon fire with the help of a real dragon. Kat likes to use Zembynth, the Reader, a fine dragon by any standard with a wicked sense of humor, although he does have an odd habit of devouring Harry Potter books. Once Kat has the magical glass, she carefully turns it into jewelry. The magical jewelry promises to make you more handsome or beautiful, more clever, smarter, richer, protect you from nasty hobgoblins and greedy leprechauns, help you find true love, promote a long life, and give you a fine head of hair.

Lioness: ornament for people and places
Quirky, mysterious, exuberant, or haunting, these one-of-a-kind named art jewelry pieces can bring a little extra touchstone of wonder along with you wherever you wear them. They may also inspire you to write or make other art. (It’s been known to happen. References available on request.)

Archimedes Azure Creations
Archimedes Azure Creations is the creative outlet of Jenn Dunigan, a crafter, jack of all trades, with a background in cosplay and theatrical costuming. Jenn specializes in steampunk, fantasy, Sci-fi and whimsical jewelry and hair accessories. As apprentice to Renaissance Bronze by Brazin’ Lady Torchworks, Jenn carries an exclusive selection of circlets, jewelry, sculpture, hair accessories, and wearable art.

Art and Comics

Art by Ashes
I am a small business artist who creates art to sell! It comes in many forms: prints, stickers, keychains, hand painted items, pins, patches and more! Ashes also does commissions– take a look at what she has and then contact her!

Caramel Comics
Caramel Comics is an illustration studio run by Carmen E. Schwierking. We focus on art based on nature, both real and fantasy, and the queer experience. Our motto is “A Little Art For Everyone.”

Payton Francis is a comic artist and illustrator. She creates diverse stories and comics, mostly focused around fantasy and LGBT characters. She also creates art prints and other merchandise, including stickers, charms, and pins. She will also be offering hand drawn commissions.

Unlikely Heroes Studios/Ginger Kitten Enterprises
Unlikely Heroes Studios is an independent comic book company with a team spread out all over America.  They create, print, and publish high-quality comics. Ginger Kitten Enterprises is the art of Sarah White. I create accessories from beads, clay, and other media as well as 2D art.

Dylan Edwards Comics and Art
I create comics with queer and trans themes in a variety of genres, including sci-fi fantasy, contemporary fiction, and non-fiction/autobiographical.  Most of my comics are appropriate for ages 13+.
My Feeping Creatures monster artwork focuses on fantastical or biological themes, and is all-ages. These are usually standalone pieces in various media, including polymer clay sculpture, drawings, paintings, enamel pins, buttons, stickers, and other accessories. There are also some comics and zines.

Berry Blitz Studio
Cute and colorful vector art inspired by video games and Japanese culture, featured on prints, buttons, stickers, and enamel pins.

I’m a fantasy illustrator from Chicago.  While my focus mainly has been on 2D illustrations and prints, I’ve recently been venturing out into expanding into stickers, pins, and patches.

Erin Mehlos
Erin Mehlos is a largely self-taught independent comic artist and publisher, primarily creating frontier fantasy serial Next Town Over, and curating the Poor Wayfaring Strangers anthology.

Jennifer Stolzer Illustration
Author Illustrator Jennifer Stolzer sells original Scifi/Fantasy work, Picture Books, and prints of her artwork both original and fanart.


StoneRow: The Card Game
Amy and Chris are independent card game developers that operate from a cozy Midwestern town. Our first game, StoneRow, has simple rules, creative art, and a fun theme that can be enjoyed again and again.

Fabulous and hard to characterize

Custom Processing Unlimited
Everything they have is laser cut and laser engraved. Color and assembly done by hand! Items include charms, earrings, plaques, coasters, dice, games, gaming accessories and SO MUCH MORE! They take commissions, too!

Intangible Awesomeness

Gender & Women’s Studies Librarian at University of Wisconsin
Since 1977, the UW System Office of the Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian (GWSL) has been one of the premier resources for support of gender, women’s studies, feminist, and LGBTQ+ scholarship and librarianship. The GWSL provides research and curriculum assistance, information sharing, and advocacy related to the fields of women’s, gender, feminism, and LGBTQ+ studies and to students, researchers, and citizens near and far. We value and affirm the role that libraries and knowledge play in the empowerment of people in our community and beyond. Through local, national, and international partnerships, we aim to provide relevant, feminist resources, skills, and support to those researching and working to improve the lives of women and girls throughout the world.

Let’s Be Legendary Podcast
Let’s Be Legendary is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Set in a steampunk wild west world setting, we follow the story of two bounty hunters who fell in love and now wander the district catching those with prices on their heads. Talia, a half-werewolf gunslinger, is on a quest for justice as she searches for the murderers that destroyed her village. Seline, the grave cleric of the god of death, learns she possesses a mysterious power that opened a door into another realm. The world around them is weird and wild, fraught with danger and people out to destroy the very fabric of existence. Let’s Be Legendary is a LGBTQ+ focused podcast featuring a cast of queer characters and a crew of queer players. We tell the stories we wished we’d had when we were growing up, where we could see ourselves as heroes. So come along with us as we explore the Feywild West and what it means to be Legendary!

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Refunds and cancellations
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