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  • Deadline for proposals:  March 15

WisCon attracts many talented writers and poets. Regular readings are organized into 75-minute sessions of four or five readers. Open poetry readings and rapid-fire sessions may have as many readers as you like.

To give a reading at WisCon, you must propose your reading via our online sign-up system. We very much prefer people to organize themselves into groups; we will group individual readers who sign up based on availability. Solo readers, please expect a time slot of 10-12 minutes.

We will shortly be accepting readings proposals within our new programming system! Once that is possible, we will make public announcements.

Midnight readings sessions are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night for any groups who would like to tell bedtime stories, ghost stories, erotica, or any other midnight-appropriate material.

With exception of the current Guests of Honor, the rule is ONE READING PER AUTHOR. Due to the sheer number of participating authors, we will be counting rapid-fire readings and poetry readings as “full-length” readings. The only exception to this rule is open mic readings.

Reading locations include the Concourse and local coffee shops. Michelangelo’s Coffee Shop has been especially gracious about letting us schedule readings in their back room.

Because the coffee shop presents accessibility issues for some readers, we may need to reserve the Concourse room for groups who require it. If your group does not require accommodation, please consider reading at the coffee shop. It’s a cool venue, and it has easy access to caffeine and snacks.

In many years we have more people who want to read than we have space for. We therefore give priority to authors and groups who have a new or upcoming publication that they’re promoting. We also try to prioritize well-organized groups of authors.