At-Con Volunteers

While there is no volunteer rebate for WisCON 44, volunteering by Tuesday May 19 will get you early access to the WisCon Discord server!

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WisCon is for the members, by the members. Everyone who works on the convention is just a member who’s volunteering their time—and you can do the same!  Volunteering during the convention is a great way to experience another aspect of WisCon and to meet people. 

In most years we have a range of At-Con Volunteer roles, ranging from helping with set-up on Thursday afternoon, to working a shift at the Registration / Info Desk, to prepping food in the Con Suite, to walking a shift or two with Safety.

For WisCon 44: WisCONline, the volunteer roles are slightly different! We are looking for people to help in the following roles:

Safety Volunteer

Safety Volunteers are on-duty on Discord in overlapping shifts at all times that official WisCon events are taking place. They are available for the duration of their shift to take down details of safety incidents from reporters and submitting reports. Safety Volunteers occasionally check in on active channels. For urgent or egregious incidents, the Safety Volunteer may contact a Safety Co-Lead, the Anti-Abuse Team, or the Co-Chairs as needed. Safety Volunteers are not themselves responsible for de-escalation or promising or carrying out any specific actions beyond contacting appropriate parties. Shifts are 3 hours long. Ability to comfortably manage Discord DMs and navigate Discord channels required.

Technical Producer (live panel or asynchronous content)

The Technical Producer manages starting the livestream of a live panel / a block of asynchronous content, ensuring it runs smoothly, and addressing audio/visual issues (instructions are provided). Shifts are 60 minutes long, covering a single panel / block of content. Step-by-step instructions are provided, but familiarity with YouTube livestreaming is a plus. Access to a laptop or desktop and reasonably fast and reliable internet is required (this role cannot be performed on mobile devices).

  • For live panels, the Technical Producer also serves as an interface between the In-Panel Moderator and the Online Chat Moderator and Social Media Monitor, relaying questions, comments, and requests for clarification via the chat function in Jitsi. The Technical Producer will be in the Jitsi call with the Panelists and In-Panel Moderator, but will not have their face or voice shown.
  • A block of content may consist of multiple videos to be streamed in sequence.

Online Chat Moderator

The Online Chat Moderator follows the discussion for a single live panel in that panel’s dedicated Discord chat channel and forwards questions, comments, and requests for clarification to the Technical Producer to relay to the In-Panel Moderator. Members will be asked to appropriately mark questions/comments/clarification requests for easier moderation. Online Chat Moderators may call out inappropriate language or actions, but are not responsible for disciplinary actions or personally addressing issues. Online Chat Moderators may report incidents to Safety Volunteers. Shifts are 50 minutes long. Familiarity with Discord a plus.

Social Media Monitor

The Social Media Monitor tracks a single live panel’s hashtag on Twitter, focusing on Safety or Abuse concerns to be relayed to the appropriate teams. Shifts are 50 minutes long. Familiarity with Twitter required.

How do I sign up as a volunteer?

We’re managing volunteer shifts for WisCon 44 via

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If you have questions about volunteering