WisCon Workshops

  • contact:  workshop@wiscon.net
  • Deadline to suggest a special session: March 1
  • Deadline for critique session application:  April 25

WisCon is a great place to take some time to focus on your writing, art, and other post-apocalypse skills with our WisCon Workshops sessions. With a schedule beginning before the convention starts, you can even take advantage without missing any panels. And all workshops are open to any registered member of the convention.

Have an idea for a session you’d like to see as part of the Workshops?  Email us at the address at the top of the page at any time!

Critique sessions

The critique sessions, offered on Friday morning before WisCon officially begins, focus on review of original fiction — ranging from short stories to novels — in a collegial, small group environment of only four people. Participants submit their material (details below) to the workshop coordinator ahead of the convention. The coordinator sorts everyone into groups facilitated by an established writer or editor currently active in the field. Each member of the group gets a copy of all submitted material and writes a critique to present during the session. The groups meet for about two hours to discuss everyone’s work under the guidance of the workshop facilitator. Each participant leaves the session with the notes and critiques on their manuscript from all their fellow workshoppers.

We announce our slate of workshop facilitators each spring so that you can request a specific session when you send in your submission. Keep an eye on our blog for the announcement!

Submission instructions as well as critique resources are found on our critique sessions submission guidelines page.

Special sessions

We also strive to offer a variety of special workshop sessions. Sometimes these sessions follow the same workshop format as our critique sessions but with a special focus on a certain area — poetry, for example, or romance/erotica. Other times, these sessions move away from the critique format to present material in a different way or to cover more ground — we’ve had special sections about comics and video games that covered the overall process. We are also proud to offer workshops that address skills that range from life drawing to handspinning. As with our regular sessions, all special sessions are led by established facilitators currently working or practicing in their area.

Special sessions tend to change every year depending upon availability of workshop facilitators, and they may have unique submission requirements. We announce our slate of special sessions, facilitators, and submission details each spring. Keep an eye on our blog for the announcement!

Are you interested in leading a special session? We would love to hear from you! Please contact our WisCon Workshops coordinator at the email address at the top of the page. It’s best if we hear from you by February 28 so that we can finalize our sections well in advance of the convention.

Interested in writing workshops for teens? When we’re able to offer those, they’re coordinated through Teen Programming. Please visit that page to check for more information!