WisCon is organized and run entirely by volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to meet people, feel connected to WisCon, and enjoy your convention weekend!


There are many ways to volunteer during the convention — from helping out at our Registration/Info Desk to prepping food in the Con Suite. Check out this page for an overview of possible jobs. All volunteers get a “thank you” gift, and volunteers who work six hours or more and get their volunteer sheet signed by their department lead are eligible for a rebate on their membership!

Pre-Con / Concom

The annual planning and preparation for WisCon is done by SF3’s Convention-Planning Committee — aka, the Concom. If you’re interested in joining the convention’s stage crew, this page gives an overview of what working on the Concom is like. All Concom members are also eligible for the “thank you” gift and a rebate on their membership.

Volunteer Rebate

As part of WisCon’s dedication to affordability, it’s possible to get a rebate on the cost of your convention membership if you help out in various ways. The amount of the rebate may vary according to the financial status of the convention, but can be up to 40% of the price of an adult attending membership.