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bowls of fruit, cookies, and crackers in the Con Suite
The Con Suite — fruits, cookies, & crackers

The WisCon hospitality suite, or consuite in fannish parlance, is a place for you to relax, enjoy a tasty snack or beverage, and chat with other members. WisCon’s consuite is widely known as one of the most complete hospitality suites at a science fiction convention. Our organizers work long hours to provide you with options for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner! If you just could not tear yourself away from the convention, you could conceivably eat Con Suite food all weekend. (But we do highly recommend Madison’s restaurants!)

The Con Suite offers food and drink to all members as long as they’re wearing a WisCon badge and shoes―and no, socks do not count. We are committed to making sure your convention experience is fun, easy, and affordable. Come grab a quick snack so you don’t crash, get a meal when you need to stretch your dollar, or get a bite to eat without leaving the hotel.

the coffee/tea station in the Con Suite
The Con Suite — coffee/tea station

All the bounty of our Con Suite is included in your WisCon membership. You can enjoy it as much or little as you care to. Please stop by the sixth floor at some point during your visit and check it out.

A variety of snacks and beverages―including coffee, tea, and soda―are available all day and into the evening in the Con Suite Grab & Go (Room 626), and meals are served in the Dining Room (Room 638) that include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items. A menu for each meal is posted outside the Dining Room and on There is casual seating available in Room 627 throughout daytime hours; in the evening, feel free to visit one of our many parties.

Dining Room Hours, Room 638:
Friday: 5:30-7:30pm (dinner); 9pm-1am (seating only)
Saturday: 8-9:30am (breakfast); 11:30am-1:30pm (lunch); 5:30-7:30pm (dinner); 9pm-1am (seating only)
Sunday: 8-11am (breakfast); 3-5pm (supper); 10pm-1am (seating only)
Monday: 8-11am (breakfast)

Con Suite Grab & Go Hours, Room 626:
Friday: Noon-midnight
Saturday: 8am-midnight
Sunday: 8am-midnight
Monday: 8am-5pm

Our Con Suite is overseen by volunteers who have been certified by ServSafe.  We are committed to providing delicious meals and snacks according to strict safety standards that keep every healthy.

Con Suite Menu

Friday Dinner 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

  • Shredded BBQ Chicken sandwiches, served with rolls or gluten-free bread (GF*)
  • Spinach and Potato Curry, served with rice (V, Veg, GF)
  • Vegetable side dish (varies)

Saturday Breakfast 8:00 am – 10:00 am

  • A selection of bagels and toast with a variety of topping choices (varies)
  • Hard boiled eggs (GF)
  • Bananas (V, Veg, GF)
  • Yogurt (Veg, GF)

Saturday Lunch 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

  • A selection of meat and cheese for sandwiches (GF*)
  • Chickpea salad sandwiches (V, Veg, GF*)
  • Chips (varies)
  • Carrots and celery with a variety of dipping choices (varies)
  • Saturday Dinner 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Chili with meat; cheese and sour cream available (GF)
  • Black bean and quinoa chili; dairy-free sour cream available (V, Veg, GF)
  • Rice

Sunday Brunch 8:00 am – 11:00 am

  • A selection of bagels and toast with a variety of topping choices (varies)
  • Kringle (V, Veg)
  • Hard boiled eggs (GF)
  • Bananas (V, Veg, GF)
  • Yogurt (Veg, GF)

Sunday Supper 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

  • A selection of pizzas from Ian’s Pizza (varies)

Monday Breakfast 8:00 am – 11:00 am

  • A selection of bagels and toast with a variety of topping choices (varies)
  • A selection of donuts (varies)
  • Hard boiled eggs (GF)
  • Bananas (V, Veg, GF)
  • Yogurt (Veg, GF)

Wiscon will endeavor to prevent any cross-contamination. If you have concerns about potential allergens, please contact a member of the Consuite staff. A list of common allergens will be available in the commissary.

GF = gluten-free
GF* = gluten-free if served with gluten-free bread or rice
V = vegan
Veg = vegetarian