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What in the world is “the Concom”?  It’s a word you’ll see thrown around WisCon on a regular basis, but what does it mean exactly?  “Concom” is short for the WisCon Convention Committee.  The WisCon convention is a project of the Society for the Furtherance & Study of Fantasy & Science Fiction (aka, SF3).  Projects of SF3 are assigned to a committee, and so the volunteers who plan and run WisCon are part of the convention committee.

Are you interested in stepping into the wings and joining the convention stage crew?  The Concom welcomes everyone who’s interested — whether you have convention-planning experience or not, whether you have knowledge in a specific area or not.  Some of our members came ready to share their knowledge of communications or nonprofit budgets or developing apps, and some of our members joined ready to just help out wherever we had a gap.  We can find a place for you!

You don’t even need to be local to Madison, save for a few particular jobs such as Logistics.  Most of our Concom members live elsewhere.  The Concom communicates regularly via a Google Group, meets monthly via a conference/internet call, and stores, organizes, and discusses files using Basecamp.

Concom work usually starts in the autumn with our first meeting in September, then gets busy in earnest in January.  We have a wrap-up meeting in June, and for the rest of the summer Concom obligations tend to be very light unless there’s an urgent ongoing situation.

If you’d like to make a general inquiry about joining the Concom, please contact us at the email above.  Or you can peruse our list of currently open postions.

All concom members get the volunteer “thank you” gift, and concom members who volunteer six hours or more and get their volunteer sheet signed by their department lead are eligible to request the volunteer rebate.