Dessert Salon

The Dessert Salon has historically been a chance to snack and socialize before the Guest of Honor speeches and the Otherwise Award Ceremony, with ticket sales serving as a fundraiser for WisCon.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 precautions, desserts will be available after the speeches for take-away only. Dessert Salon ticket holders will still get early access to the ballroom, beginning at 7:30pm. Doors open free of charge to all members at 8:00pm when the speeches and award ceremony begin.

If you require assistance or cannot stand in line, there are seats available for you at the front of the line and we can help you find a seat inside.

Beginning at 6:30pm Sunday, ticket holders can stop by the second floor Registration desk to get a number which will correspond to a place in line for themselves or their group. At 7:30pm we will start to show folks into the Salon in number order. The lowest numbers will be reserved for people who need the help of assistive devices or staff to get seated. There will be chairs available near the door as in past years for people who need to sit until their number is called. If you miss your number, simply let the door person know and they will include you in the next group.

A list of all desserts, with major dietary restrictions noted, is on the back of each dessert ticket. Your ticket entitles you to two desserts. We strive to accommodate as many dietary issues as we can; if you have specific questions about allergens, please check the list available at the Registration desk, or check the back of the card that identifies each displayed dessert on the buffet table. You may also contact the Dessert Salon team at with concerns or questions. We can always try to set aside desserts that meet your specific needs.


Many WisCon members enjoy dressing in their finery for the Dessert Salon.  Just as many prefer to attend in jeans and a t-shirt.  There is no one right way to dress for the event — you should attend dressed in the way you think is best.