Safer Space for Trans/Genderqueer People

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In 2023, all of our Safer Spaces will be operating online only. (This includes the Safer Space for People of Color, the Safer Space for Trans & Genderqueer People, the Disability Safer Space, and the Plural Safer Space.)

WisCon is pleased to provide a designated space for genderqueer and trans people to come together and dialogue openly about their ideas, experiences, feelings, and so forth. This space is specifically for trans, non-cis, non-binary, and genderqueer identifying attendees. This space is not for anyone who identifies as cisgender, including cis queer people and cis gender nonconforming people.

The WisCon convention committee asks that all members respect the use of this space. Body policing or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated (see WisCon’s Code of Conduct for more information).

In the past this space offered readings, handouts, and a variety of snacks (including gluten-free/vegan). Additionally, we try to set up a time for genderqueer/trans folk to meet and come together as a group at least once during the convention.

We want to hear your ideas about how to make this space work for you. What would you like to see happen? Contact us at the email above!