Sustainability Policy

  • last updated: January 2016
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WisCon is committed to the environment and dedicated to sustainability. As an event that draws attendees from all over the world, WisCon’s carbon footprint is significant. To help offset that footprint, we implement energy-efficiency and waste-reduction measures, including:

  • WisCon uses venues, printing companies, and other vendors that employ green practices.
  • WisCon has reduced paper mailings, and added the ability to opt-out of paper mailings in favor of electronic updates.
  • All WisCon materials are available individually at Registration, rather than in one-size-fits-all packets of printed materials.
  • All WisCon planning meetings are held via teleconference.
  • Our mobile app, WisSched, is a paper-free alternative to all our printed publications.
  • WisCon makes water dispensers available in the ConSuite and throughout the function space.
  • WisCon purchases carbon offsets to reduce the event’s impact further.
  • WisCon encourages attendees to opt into ride-shares, carpools, and other lower impact transportation options when appropriate.