Virtual Dealer’s Room 2023

Virtual Only Dealers

Witch Queen Workshop

Witch Queen Workshop offers handmade bath bombs, soaps, wax melts, and other luxury personal care and home products with a queer and fantastic twist!

Lioness: ornament for people and places

I make art jewelry, usually with names, and it sometimes inspires people to write or make other art. (They nominated me for a World Fantasy Award for it in 2009 and gave me the Best Fan Artist Hugo Award for it in 2020.)

In-Person and Online Dealers

SeWeird Galactic Accessories

SeWeird is your one stop galactic shop for ttrpg accessories! Everything is handmade, quality, and made to last.

Oooh PrettIes

I hand-craft jewelry using beautiful and interesting stones. My work ranges from simple beading to larger hand-fabricated pieces with something for every budget.

Caramel Comics

Caramel Comics is an illustration and craft studio focused on creating art of nature, fantasy, food, and Queer Pride. Our motto is ‘A Little Art For Everyone’, and we strive to have diverse, inclusive, and sustainable products.

Queen of Swords Press

Queen of Swords Press is a queer woman-owned publisher of science fiction, fantasy and horror, specializing in LGBTQ+ protagonists.

A Room of Ones Own Bookstore

A queer and trans – owned bookstore in Madison, WI, Room has been an avid supporter of WisCon through the decades. Find us in the dealer’s room for our highly WisCon-curated book table, or make a trip to our new location on Madison’s East Side at 2717 Atwood Avenue!

Twilight Creations, Inc.

I am a female board game publisher since 2002. I also sell many related horror items such as purses/wallets, jewelry, game accessories, enamel pins, etc.

K.A. Silva – Author, Graythorn Press

K.A. Silva is a nonbinary transmasc author of urban fantasy, romantic fantasy, and horror comedy novels which frequently deal with themes of LGBTQIA+ or BIPOC identity and acceptance, set in and around Wisconsin.

Earth Wisdom

Exquisite silk/velvet jackets, magic dresses that become 6 dresses, smarty, funny tees.

Nan Sampson, Author

Nan Sampson is the unabashed creator of feisty, fun, and emancipated fictional women characters. Author of the Coffee & Crime paranormal cozy msytery series, the Harrogate Chronicles gaslamp adventures, and the new sapphic historical fantasy series, The Magical Underground, she loves to tell stories of mystery, magic, and mayhem.

Unlikely Heroes Studios

We here at Unlikely Heroes Studios strive to bring only the finest works to the table, from our flagship title SUPER! to the apocalyptic, samurai, spaghetti western The Surgeon, to the galactic-prehistoric bromace Up From the Skies, to the mythical madness of Miss Medusa’s Monstrous Menagerie, to the deranged, chaotic mobocracy in The Unthinkables! We have the goods and we want YOU to see the comics that are so good they will melt your face off!

Dragon Abbey Jewelry Design

I work mostly in wire, stones, and Czech glass, and my style influences are eclectic. 🙂 I pull from historical design, other fascinating cultures, and whatever imaginary world my brain is inhabiting this particular hour.
My consistent design elements seem to be 1. Subtlety Is Good, 2. Wearable Art: Quiet Edition, and 3. The Jewelry Moves As You Do.
I am also beginning to experiment with crafting decor items.

Aqueduct Press

  • Aqueduct authors will be reading from their work at WisCon. These will include Susan diRende, Arrate Hidalgo, Nancy Jane Moore, Beth Plutchak, and L. Timmel Duchamp.
  • Our Fruiting Bodies by Nisi Shawl and Queering SF by Ritch Calvin are on Locus’s Recommended Reading List