WisCon 40 — Announcing our Art Show artists

Tahlia Day
Art Show

This year the Art Show is in a bigger space — it’s moved from its long-time location on the second floor down to the Senate rooms on the first floor.  Not only will this mean a space that’s easier to navigate, it also means we’re able to welcome thirteen more artists than we had at WisCon 39.

This year the show will feature forty-five artists working in a wide variety of media.  Sixteen of our artists are new to the WisCon Art Show!

We are very pleased to welcome:

Clara Abnet-Holden — Drawing and painting
Kari Askeland — Paper sculpture and photography
Lisa Bergin — Felted sculpture/fiber art
Susan Simensky Bietila — Illustration/political cartoons
Gerald Blackwell — 3D rendering art
Ty Blauersouth — Jewelry
Cassandre Bolan — Fantasy illustration
Alana Boltwood — HexaSexual sculpture project
Cherie Brandseth — Jewelry
J. J. Brutsman — Fiber art monsters
Anna Bunting-Branch — Animation
Katie Clapham — Photography
Sarah Clemens — Fantasy illustration
Darcy Davis — Origami sculpture
Tahlia Day — Watercolor/mixed media painting
Meredith Dillman — Painting and illustration
Rhea Ewing — Illustration and comics
Kate Forest — Photography
Mollie Garner — Polymer clay dolls
Geek Calligraphy — Calligraphy and prints
Erika Hammerschmidt — Jewelry
Ingrid Kallick — Painting and illustration
Laura Krentz — Fiber art sculpture
Suzanne Lakas — Painting
Karen Loper — Collage
Theo Nicole Lorenz — Coloring books
Theresa Mather — Painting and illustration
Rory Metcalf — Handmade scarves
Christine Mitzuk — Painting and illustration
Mary Anne Mohanraj — Collage and textile design
Lee Moyer — Illustration
Katherine Olson — Jewelry and photography
Mary Prince — Mixed media, painting, calligraphy
April Robinson — Drawing and painting
Linda Robinson — Action figures
Shor Salkas — Pottery
SamHain Press — Illustration, book sculpture, jewelry
Lisa Sell — Sculpture, masks, jewelry
Nevenah Smith — Etched glass and glass sculpture
Heather Tatarek — Painting
Tiffany Toland-Scott — Painting and illustration
Charles Urbach — Illustration
Alex Wells — Sculpture/art dolls
Claire Whitmore — Illustration
Peregrin Winkle — Coloring books

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