Need a break from rushing from panel to panel, event to event? WisCon has a variety of spaces where you can grab a snack, grab some quiet, or get some time away from the pressures of the convention crowd.

Child Care

WisCon offers Child Care for just $1 per child.

Con Suite

Need a snack? You need the Con Suite! Serving pre-packaged grab-and-go foods all day long.

Safer Space for People of Color

This is a designated space for people of color to dialogue freely and openly amongst themselves. This space operates virtually only.

Safer Space for Trans/Genderqueer People

We welcome our trans, non-binary, non-cis, and genderqueer members into a space that’s just for them. This space operates virtually only.

Plural Safer Space

We welcome all of our plural members and all system types into a space that’s just for them. This space operates virtually only.

Disability Safer Space

WisCon members with visible and invisible disabilities are welcomed to decompress in this space that’s just for them. This space operates virtually only.

Quiet Place

Getting a bit overwhelmed and need to recalibrate? Enjoy the sanctuary of our Quiet Place.

Green Room

Where do you meet your fellow panelists before your panel begins? In the Green Room! Centrally located, this is also a great place for program participants to grab a snack between program slots. Note: We expect to make snacks and drinks available, but we ask everyone to please try to keep your mask on between bites/sips. 

All-Gender Toilets

WisCon supports each person’s right to use the restroom they consider appropriate.