Art Show

The WisCon Art Show staff are happy to present a gallery of selected work from artists accepted for this year’s show!

Click on the thumbnails to see full-size views of our artists’ beautiful work!

Clara Cecilia Abnet Holden


Clara says: I am a tattoo artist and work mostly in the mediums of drawings and ceramics. Through my drawings I combine mythology, faerie tales, and animals to create strange and sometimes terrifying worlds that reflect my inner life, while my ceramic work is predominantly functional. Mostly focused on self portraiture, I want to bring new light to the female form that has long been cast through a male gaze in art. My current focus casts a new light on female monsters of myth, I want the viewers to question the hero-villain dynamic that has long vilified female power and glorified male violence.



Catherine Crowe


Catherine is a tireless advocate, supporter and participant in all aspects of art and culture. First and foremost, she is an artist and professional enamelist, specializing in the rare techniques of champlevé and grisaille. She has pursued independent studies in the areas of European Iron Age Archaeology, Art History, Mythology, Folklore and traditional song and teaches workshops in these subjects. She was a founding member of AnDroichead/The Bridge, an artist collective that promoted art that is informed by culture, organising exhibitions and events. She started her own business as a professional enamellist in 1984, and exhibits her work at Cultural Festivals throughout Canada and the United States. Catherine’s artistic expression extends to the performing arts as well. She has worked in Theatre as an actor, set and costume designer and writer. She is also a professional singer of Irish traditional music, and has produced two critically acclaimed independent albums, “This Ancient Fabric” and “Dark is the Colour.” She now sings with the improvisational Element Choir and several vocal harmony groups.


Tahlia Day


Tahlia Day lives in Madison and creates topographical/map-inspired paintings with occasional collage and metal leaf elements, as well as digital illustrations building on watercolor elements. Her more recent experiments involve illustrating the environments suggested by her “Charted Unterritories” paintings.

You can see more of her art at and (and as incidental art for Strange Horizons).


Meredith Dillman


Meredith’s fascination with fantasy began as a child. She studied art in college and spent her free time creating fantasy watercolors and comics. She is inspired by Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau, and Japanese woodblock prints, and loves to bring details of her favorite historical fashions into her art. Meredith has authored and illustrated Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies and Fantasy, and Fantasy Fashion Art Studio, and published her own collections of ink drawings. You can see more of her work at her website and shop or follow on instagram ( or Facebook (


Rhea Ewing


Rhea Ewing is an illustrator, fine artist, and graphic novelist. Their work explores gender, identity, and the natural world using a unique combination of digital and traditional techniques. You can see more of their work at


KJ Forest


KJ says: In my art, I endeavor to capture images through a digital lens and develop them to reveal inner, sometimes hidden, aspects of the everyday wonders found all around us, to share with others what I see.

Website: (online in June 2020)



Sherry Holcomb


Sherry says: I’m a painter of dragons and griffins in the style of medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts. The Medieval Dragon Project began with a fascination at the difference in the representation of these beasts hundreds of years ago from modern fantasy art. I also design and make jewelry from vintage and retro components under the rubric of Recycled Jewels.


Ingrid Kallick


Ingrid S. Kallick is an artist and writer. Born into a small town in Illinois, she absorbed folk art from her immigrant grandparents who hailed from Norway, Bohemia and Ukraine. In addition to folklore and fantasy, she had done acrylic, gouache and oil painting representing her original worlds and stories, as well as illustration for children. After raising a family, she returned to her roots in painting, while continuing with advertising and design. Now, striking out on her own, she has chosen to dedicate all of her time to building her style and adding new media to her repertoire.

You can see more of her work at and follow her on Instagram under  Imprinted merchandise is available through Redbubble, and you can follow her on Patreon here:

Rowan Littell (Mapleseed Crafts)


Rowan says: I created Mapleseed Crafts to explore the infinite and beautiful universe of flameworked glass creations. I have always been one to create shiny and mesmerizing objects from raw materials and fire.  Now, in my Oakland home studio, I am able to bring these creations to life using borosilicate glass, a bench torch, and an annealing kiln. All of my work is an attempt to draw out the sense of wonder and whimsy of what I see, whether it is light and playful, loving and sensuous, or creepy and adorable. I would be honored to have you follow along on Instagram at, online at, or at my Etsy shop



David Lee Pancake


David Lee Pancake’s sculptures grace homes and business all over the world.  He pursues a wide variety of subject matter that includes dragons, superheroes, abstracts, fantasy, and horror sculptures. He states: “I love detail and texture and gryphons, dragons and other mythical creatures allow me the freedom to play with paint and clay to bring to life what’s imagined.”  David is an entrepreneur, avid reader, science fiction and fantasy aficionado, armchair philosopher and science geek, but his first love is art. We are sure you won’t forget his name; just think about your favorite breakfast food. Read more about him at

Sam Haney Press


You might recognize Sam Haney Press from her work for prior WisCons, or from her papercrafts & book sculptures, but lately, she’s been keeping busy by making jewelry. To see her work – past and present – check out, where she also maintains a storefront, and follow her as SamHainPress on TwitterFacebook, & Instagram.

Jana Pullman


Jana Pullman is a book artists award winner. She does bookbinding and box making and is a book arts instructor. Find her work on Etsy at


April Robinson

April says: My name is April Robinson and I have been drawing since I was a toddler. Whenever I have any extra time I am usually drawing or painting.  My site is at and I can be contacted via email at or I do take commissions!


Elena Tabachnick 


Elena says: Raised on three continents while belonging to none, it makes sense that I’ve explored borders in my work whether in spirituality, biology, writing, or art. My art dances the boundary between useful and sculptural, realistic and fantastical, 3-D and 2-D, for kids and for adults. But since I’ve been in a wheelchair, it has had another purpose. It wakes me up, giving me the desire to live. See more of my work at and

Heather A. Tatarek


Heather A. Tatarek is an ink and watercolor landscape artist in Madison, WI. She paints a variety of landscapes, from Earth, to planetary, and imaginary. As well as her originals and prints, she now applies her artwork to usable and wearable products, such as coffee mugs, magnets, scarves, handbound journals, and notecards.

You can see more of her work at Check out her new Etsy page under, or check out other available merch on her Society6 shop under Feel free to contact her directly with any questions or for direct sales and commissions at


Kendra Tornheim

Kendra says: I make jewelry out of wire and hand-colored brass, frequently including elements such as antique keys.  In a process of several steps, I blend or overlay multiple colors of alcohol inks and then seal the brass pieces with repeated layers of weatherproof gloss varnish to give the look of enamels without using a kiln.  In addition to the types of pendants, earrings, and hair accessories I have shown in the WisCon art show in the past, this year I also have new pieces available including Goddess pendants with carved bone faces, tiny colored leaf pendants and earrings, and charm jewelry with crystals in a variety of pride flag colors.

Kat Weaver


Kat Weaver is a Minneapolis-based illustrator who loves birds, costuming, and history. Her work often features bright colors and fantastical architecture, and can be seen in various print and online venues. Find her portfolio at – and if you’re interested in commissioning a piece, either for publication or for personal use, e-mail her at


Thanks so much to all of our artists who shared their work! 

Next year, the WisCon Art Show will once again be in-person in Madison. If you’re an artist interested in applying for next year’s show, please email with any questions and/or add yourself to our mailing list below to be notified when applications open.