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Tiptree @ WisCon 41

Levi Sable
SF3 Communications Committee

WisCon will once again be hosting the Tiptree Award and Tiptree Auction. This year marks the 26th annual Tiptree Award!  We are delighted to welcome back our Tiptree friends and to host the Award ceremonies and (one of) their annual Auction(s).

The Award

A sneak preview of possible auction items — custom Coke bottles, a Wonder Woman doll, and a copy of Octavia Butler’s “Dawn.”

This year’s Tiptree Award goes to Anna-Marie McLemore for her novel When the Moon was Ours.  Anna-Marie will be at WisCon, receiving her Tiptree crown at Opening Ceremonies on Friday night.  Keep an eye out to congratulate the fantastic individual in the Tiptree crown!

Want to learn more about what goes into choosing a Tiptree winner?   On Saturday, 10-11:15am, stop by Room 605 for “Judging the Tiptree.”  Current Tiptree jury members will discuss the process of judging and selecting the Tiptree Award winners.

The Auction

We’ll be previewing the Tiptree Auction items at the Gathering on Friday afternoon. Items this year include specially labeled bottles of Coke; a Wonder Woman doll; a signed, first edition copy of Octavia Butler’s book Dawn; an enamel pin which says “Write Hard, Die Free;” a first edition, boxed set of the 4-volume history Chicago by Mary Hastings Bradley (Alice Sheldon/James Tiptree Jr.’s mother); a Space Babe Blaster; and much, much more.

Sumana Harihareswara will be Tiptree’s trusty auctioneer again this year — we are so happy to have her back. The Tiptree Auction happens on Saturday night at 7pm until late.  We recommend arriving early and to grab a spot for a fun-filled evening!

The Tiptree folks are still collection donations of books, original art, jewelry, Space Babe memorabilia, and other odd items that fit in with the Tiptree spirit. If you’d like to donate a book, please let them know by filling out their auction Google form ASAP. The sooner they know what things are coming their way, the better the auction will be.

Tiptree = Resistance

And something brand new!  This year the Tiptree Motherboard worked with our Workshops coordinators to develop “Reading Tiptree Winners as Models for Resistance”:

Resistance is so vital to our survival right now. Join this session to participate in a discussion of how stories—specifically, Tiptree-winning stories—can serve as a lens for how to enact resistance. Let’s keep each other alive.

Sound interesting but you missed the Workshops’ sign-up period?  The facilitator has confirmed that they’ll take walk-ups as long as space permits!  And you can follow along with the discussion via the #TiptreeAsResistance hashtag.

Tiptree t-shirts

The 2017 Tiptree t-shirt design, by Freddie Baer.

Another way to help support the Tiptree Award is by purchasing a t-shirt.  Tiptree has a new design annually, so they’re worth collecting!  You can pick one up from the Tiptree table in our Art Show.

WisCon 41 Madison-area construction update

Are you driving into Madison for WisCon this year?  Here’s our annual construction update to inform your trip.

39/90 between Madison and the Illinois state line is under heavy construction basically all the time, as they’re expanding it to six lanes. Some bridges are also closed. Godspeed.

There are some construction activities in the city, including near the Concourse, but no worse than usual. Gorham Street has been closed intermittently. The south side of the Capitol Square is being rebuilt, so there will be dust and mobility issues over in that area. Navigation tip: the Concourse is on the west side of Capitol Square.

And as always, the marathon is next weekend, which means buses will be detoured and some roads will be closed on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Info on the races is at and bus detours are at

Travel safe and see you soon!

Announcing — the WisCon 41 Dealers’ Room!

Dealers’ Room Coordinator


There are a lot of things to enjoy at a convention — seeing old friends, making new friends, discovering new authors, and having a few days away from the rest of the world.  But, be honest, the shopping is a major part of it.  Online shopping cannot compare to actually seeing, touching, and smelling the goods.

And we have the goods!  The vendors who will be with us this year are below.  Enjoy the con!

20th Century Books :: New and used books, magazines, graphic novels, comics and fantasy-related toys.

A Room of One’s Own Bookstore :: A Room of One’s Own is Madison’s local independent bookstore, serving the WisCon community for over 40 years! A few years ago we moved our store from its former location to combine with Avol’s Used Books, and can now be found at 315 W Gorham Street.

Abby Howard :: I create the webcomics Junior Scientist Power Hour and The Last Halloween, the latter of which recently had a Kickstarter for a huge and beautiful book. I create webcomics and enjoy researching ancient beasts in my spare time.

Alex Heberling :: Alex Heberling draws comics and puts them on the internet. Creator of the magical girl webcomic “The Hues”.

Aqueduct Press :: We publish feminist science fiction & fantasy & books about feminist science fiction & fantasy as well as the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Armory Quest :: We specialize in high quality foam weapons, swords, and masks. All of our products are made for all ages and abilities.

Asha’s Homemade Candles :: I hand pour all natural soy wax candles. I’m inspired by finding scents that remind me of my favorite fictional places and characters. I love mixing candle making with all things geek by finding ways to tie fragrances in with my favorite shows in clever ways! Currently I have candles from many fandoms including: Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Firefly and more!

Book Lynx :: We sell used, rare and vintage SF, fantasy and other books.

Broad Universe :: Broad Universe is a group of women-oriented (not necessarily female) fantasy and science fiction writers. The group promotes our books, and the table will sell members’ books.

Clipped Arts :: Clipped Arts creates a variety of unique items, most which are made from and centered around found objects—especially items which may be overlooked or thrown away. Note card sets, magnets, small mixed-media drawings, and coasters are made from old maps, sheet music, Calvin and Hobbes books, as well as other children’s stories and books of interest. Carefully chosen charms and beads adorn dangle-style earrings. Tiny origami paper cranes can be found inside corked glass bottle ornaments, on jewelry, and inside a gumball-style toy dispensing machine.

DreamHaven Books :: One of the oldest and largest Science Fiction/Fantasy specialty bookstores in the world, now celebrating its 40th year.

Dylan Edwards :: Dylan Edwards is a queer trans artist who creates comics focusing on LGBTQIA+ themes. Notable works include Transposes, Valley of the Silk Sky, Politically InQueerect, and QAT Person. His all-ages monster creations, Feeping Creatures, include handmade art and figurines, jewelry, onesies, and other accessories.

Frugal Muse Books :: We’re a Madison based brick and mortar book store that has supported the local science fiction community since 1994. We hold a monthly SF book discussion and offer new and used books.

Fused Glass by Kathie :: I create one-of-a-kind Fused Glass jewelry and mixed media Fused Glass and Metal wall hangings I call my Tiny Universes. Fused Glass inspires me. It’s about mixing varying shapes and colors of glass, often combining dichroic glass with textured glass to get a 3D effect and not knowing what the result will be until I open up that kiln door. And when it works, it’s glorious. When I look into the depths of the dichroic I see a myriad of colors, enough to fill a universe…at least a Tiny Universe.

Geekery Gal :: Geekery Gal Jewelry and Sass lovingly recycles old comics and other materials into wearable art. 10 percent of all sales go to charity. We also design personalized items for cosplayers and undercover geeks who want just a little geek in their bling.

Ginger Kitten Enterprises :: Ginger Kitten Enterprises is run by Sarah, a mixed-media artist, and sells art for display, as well as jewelry and accessories like magnets, planters, keychains, and more!

The Heathersmith :: Erika Hammerschmidt, author of the science fiction novel Kea’s Flight and other works, makes a wide variety of fantasy-style wire-wrapped gemstone jewelry. Pieces include crowns and tiaras, elf-earrings that make the ears look pointed, jeweled-dagger letter openers, gemstone chess sets, rings, earrings, and necklaces made with crystals, geodes, meteorites, and fossils.

Holly Morningstar Art & Illustration :: Holly Morningstar creates fantastical feminist watercolor paintings rooted in symbolism derived from fairy tales, mythology, and pop culture. Her work focuses on feminine empowerment, sexual liberation, and thriving with disabilities.

Jo Edits :: I am offering my editing service as well as sell writing critiques and quick edits to any interested parties. I’m an editor with twelve years of experience in a number of genres–SF, fantasy, horror, and mostly romance these days. I’m the editor of WisCon Chronicles 7: Shattering Ableist Narratives and dedicated to helping writers of all backgrounds, particularly those who are marginalized. I’ve also taught at the writer’s workshop from 2011-2014.

Lethe Press, Inc. :: We are a queer and speculative fiction press that has been in business since 2001. We hope to provide an outlet for authors wherever they might be in the gender and sexuality spectrum. Our books have won numerous Lambda Literary Awards and the Shirley Jackson Award; our titles have also been finalists for the Andre Norton Award, the Golden Crown Literary Award, and the World Fantasy Award.

Lioness: ornament for people and places :: Shinies! So many shinies! Necklace-crowns, earrings, pendants, necklace, and other named jewelry, some bead and charm assortments, and copies of the anthology “Glass Bead Games” containing stories inspired by the shinies.

Mama’s Minstrel :: Mama’s Minstrel offers spiritual growth workshops, retreats, keynotes, and the sale of my book and my CD. Copies of my book “The World is Your Oracle,” just published by Fair Winds Press, will be for sale, as well as “World is Your Oracle” t-shirts, and CDs of “Chants for the Queen of Heaven,” a recording of Goddess chants from around the world.

Maps and scraps :: We make unique sewn goods from repurposed t-shirts, jeans, and other fabrics. We strive to make each item special. Frequent themes are rock bands, nerdy stuff like Doctor Who and superheroes.

Nerdtastic :: Nerdtastic specializes in handmade jewelry, bath and body products with a pop culture inspiration.

O Human Star :: O Human Star is a science fiction LGBT comic serialized online since 2012.

Oooh Pretties :: Handmade sterling silvery jewelry with amazing stones, ranging from small, simple bead work to larger hand fabricated pieces with something for every budget.

Other Side Press :: Melanie Gillman is a nonbinary graphic novelist who specializes in positive YA comics for queer and trans young readers. They’re the creator of the Eisner- and Ignatz-nominated webcomic “As the Crow Flies”, which follows a group of LGBTQ teens who meet in a Christian youth camp. In addition, they are a co-editor of “The Other Side: An Anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance” and the writer of the “Steven Universe” comics series, published by Boom Studios. They currently live in Tulsa, OK, where they are a 2017-2018 fellow in the Tulsa Artist Fellowship program.

Rosarium Publishing :: Rosarium Publishing is a fledgling publisher (est. 2013) specializing in speculative fiction and comics—all with a multicultural flair. We simply believe that talent does not inherently have a gender, race, religion, or region; talent is everywhere, and we will comb the four corners of this globe to find it. We like to be crazy, wild, provocative. We also like to chill, and there’s never a moment where you won’t find us laughing. If you try to paint us in a corner, we’ll go all TAKI 183 on you and cover it with graffiti. We say that we’re here to “introduce the world to itself,” so you never know where you’ll find us.

Semi-Precious Therapy :: Hand-made jewelry featuring a variety of materials, including semi-precious gemstones, crystal, glass, silver, and copper. Custom orders are also available.

Sign of the Unicorn :: Hand-sculptured jewelry — mostly one-of-a-kind — designed in feminist, mythic, science fiction, and fantasy themes using lost-wax casting and incorporating sterling silver, bronze, 14k gold, and semi-precious stones, and including rings, earrings, and pendants in feminist designs. Additionally, Laurie Toby Edison’s books and photographs Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes, Familiar Men: A Book of Nudes, and Women of Japan, all works done in collaboration with social change activists and feminists, will be available.

Small Beer Press :: Small Beer Press publishes short story collections, novels, and translations, and twice a year, a paper zine, LCRW. This year we will publish Sofia Samatar, Christopher Rowe, Lydia Millet, Juan Martinez, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Kij Johnson, among others.

Unlikely Heroes Studios :: An independent comic book company with a team spread out all over America. They create, print, and publish high-quality comics. Their current piece de resistance is Super!, which follows a ragtag team of amateur heroes as they struggle to make a name for themselves in a universe dominated by more popular, established teams. The group is led officially by Max, the billionaire inventor bankrolling the team, but the true leadership lies within Blitz, the daughter of a hero aspiring to be great in her own right. In the grand tradition of “The Venture Bros.” and “Mystery Men”, “SUPER!” is a loving homage to the genre that knows when to laugh at itself and isn’t afraid to poke fun at comic tropes along the way.

We’re sorry to share that Dealers’ Room favorite PM Press aren’t able to join us this year after all. They sent this message to WisCon:

If you and those you know that will miss us this year, want the consolation of cheap browsing on our website instead (a paltry second best, I know), if you use the coupon code FOPM at the checkout page, it’ll automatically apply a 50% discount to your entire order. There’s no minimum order as such, and that code can be used multiple times. So please feel free to share it with any/all deserving Wisconites…

WisCon 41 — Announcing Activities at The Gathering

The Gathering

The Gathering is a great place to meet new people — or reconnect with folks you’ve met at prior WisCons — while learning or helping others to learn a new game or skill. We’ve got ten activities this year, all happening 1-4pm in the Wisconsin Ballroom on the second floor.

Looking for a way to strike up conversations with some of your fellow con attendees? We’ll have an Icebreaker Scavenger Hunt, where you can search for characteristics and experiences. To participate, put stickers from the Icebreaker table on a badge card marking which broad categories apply to you, then start conversations with other people with stickered cards in order to fill out your own scavenger list.

Continuing this year are two well-loved swaps: Clothing and Nail Polish. Calling them “swaps” is a little misleading, everyone is welcome to peruse and take home anything that strikes your fancy — there’s no need to bring things in exchange, though we love it when you bring items to donate!

Our Clothing Swap is a great place to bring those treasured pieces of clothing that you can’t quite bear to donate without assurance that they will be loved by their next owner. The formal gown that no longer fits, the perfect waistcoat that you just can’t justify keeping, or parts of that well-crafted cosplay for a fandom you’ve lost interest in — they can all find new homes! Any clothing is welcome, but we do ask that you don’t just clean out your closet. Rather, bring a few things that you think other WisCon members will love.

New this year for the Clothing Swap:  Please mark whether you’re clothes have been washed with scented laundry products or if you’ve used scent-free.  The scents from laundry products can linger for years in garments, so please only mark your donations as “scent-free laundry products” if you’ve never used scented products!  Our valiant Clothing Swap volunteers will be working to keep scented and scent-free items separate this year.

This is the third year of the Nail Polish Swap. Is your nail polish stash overflowing with colors that looked promising in the store but not quite right on your nails? Come trade for something more your style! Bring some unloved bottles and your enthusiasm for sparkly fingers and find some new colors to experiment with. Even if you don’t have polish to swap, come pick up a bottle to take home. We know you’re eager to swap your neglected polishes for some new pretties, but remember to make sure they haven’t dried out before you pack them up!

When do you drop off your donations for the Clothing and Nail Polish swaps?  You can stop by the ballroom on the 2nd floor of the Concourse on Friday starting at 11am.

In addition to swaps, the Fiber Circle returns for those who knit, spin, crochet, embroider, and more. Just bring your yarn, needles, thread, scissors, and beads.

The Gadget and Device Petting Zoo isn’t a swap, but it is a way to share any neat devices you own, and to try out some of the neat devices belonging to other folks in the WisCon community. The table will be staffed throughout the Gathering, but nonetheless we strongly recommend that if you don’t want to lose it, don’t leave it unattended.

Returning this year is the ever-popular Fancy Hair Braiding, with a braiding expert in attendance to teach techniques and demonstrate rope, round, French, Dutch, and crown braids, shapes like hearts and spirals, and other advanced ideas like 5- and 7-strand fingering techniques. Unfortunately, our second braider, with expertise in kinky, coily hair, is no longer able to attend.

Local makerspace the Bodgery is running a simple e-textiles activity where participants can learn how to combine fiber arts with electronics. As part of this activity, they’ll teach people how to sew a simple circuit using some felt, an LED, a coin-cell battery, and some conductive thread.

We’ll have Tabletop Games, too. You can join the WisCon Gaming team for some light and accessible games while you learn about the variety of gaming offered at WisCon 41. Browse our board game selection, meet GMs and fellow players, and sign up for role-playing games running this year!

Have you ever wished you knew how to pick locks? You can learn at the Gathering this year! Locks and picks will be provided; you just need to bring a steady hand and a sense of curiosity.

As always, the Tiptree Auction Preview will be happening at the Gathering so you can you can view and write bids in advance of the auction on Saturday, where all proceeds support the James Tiptree Jr. Award for thought-provoking SF&F that expands and and explores gender roles.

Volunteering at WisCon 41 — Lots to do!

Kristin Livdahl

WisCon is organized and run by volunteers and there are many ways to help out this year. We’ve highlighted a few of those opportunities in recent posts, but we also have opportunities in almost every department. Below is a list of many of the departments that use volunteers — most still need more help. We hope you will give a little bit of your time to help keep WisCon the great event it is!

Each year volunteers receive a special commemorative thank you gift that is only available to volunteers — we’re excited to offer badge wallets/holders this year. After requests for a more neutral color,  we’re going with a black holder with white printing this year.

Also, if you volunteer 6  or more hours (participating in programming counts, too!), you can receive a $20 rebate on your registration as funds allow. Volunteering can be a great way to give and also get a little back to help with convention expenses!

For more information on these or any other volunteer opportunities, please contact Kristin Livdahl, Volunteer Coordinator:


Often needs someone local to help with directing the movers for convention set-up and tear-down on Thursday and Tuesday.

Con Suite

This area is often understaffed. We need volunteers throughout the convention to provide hospitality to congoers. We also have a need for a few more volunteers who are SafeServ certified or willing to become certified.

Art Show

This area is also often understaffed. Volunteers are needed to help with set-up, tear-down, sales during open hours, and during the show preview.


Needs 1-2 people throughout the convention to set up blue tape — early mornings and before the Opening Ceremony, Tiptree Auction, and Dessert Salon.  Also needs 1-2 more people to help put up signs on Thursday and take down signs on Monday.

Green Room

Needs volunteers throughout the convention as programming runs.


Is open almost the entire convention and needs volunteers throughout.


Various shifts open throughout the weekend. Training provided.

Bakesale for Tiptree

Needs volunteers for shifts from on Saturday.

The Gathering

Volunteers are needed to help with set-up and tear-down and to give the people staffing booths breaks during the event.

Volunteering at WisCon 41 — Art Show, Registration, & Green Room

Kristin Livdahl

Are you looking for a quiet place to get away from the big crowds for a couple hours? Do you need a way to meet new people at the convention but are more comfortable having people approach you? Do you want to help out with the convention but need a position where you can sit or stay sitting most of the time? We have volunteer opportunities that allow for all of those.

Art Show

The Art Show is usually a quiet oasis during the convention and there are many shifts available during the convention. Volunteers staff the desk during the show preview, assist with sales and check out sold items near the end of the convention. This area has traditionally been understaffed.


Helping check people in and register new arrivals is one of the best ways to meet new people and put faces with names. Email in advance if you are interested in taking a shift — or stop by at the beginning of the convention to see when they need help. Volunteers are needed for shifts from Thursday until Monday.

Green Room

We can always use a few more dependable volunteers to take shifts helping in the Green Room which is open during all the hours programming runs. Volunteers count attendance at programs, assist programming participants with name tents and other duties. The Green Room is great way to meet some of the interesting people who are participating in panels, readings and other programming in a relaxed environment.

For more information on these or any other volunteer opportunities, please contact Kristin Livdahl, Volunteer Coordinator at

Volunteering at WisCon 41 — the Con Suite

Kristin Livdahl

Volunteers are the lifeblood of WisCon and essential to keeping the convention the wonderful, diverse gathering that it is. We will be featuring a few of the many volunteer opportunities available during the con over the next few days and hope you will consider giving back to WisCon by volunteering.

Providing hospitality is part of our commitment to making WisCon affordable and accessible to everyone and the Con Suite is one of the busiest places during WisCon. Because of this, it is also the one that often needs the most volunteers. We have ConSuite shifts available starting at noon on Thursday (for set-up) and running throughout the convention. Please help us out by signing up for a shift or two. Most shifts are two hours long and we have times to fit everyone’s schedules.

We also still have a need for ServSafe certified (a requirement of our providing food for congoers) volunteers to take the lead on a four hour shift . There is still time to get certified: the course and test is online and will only take a couple hours and WisCon will reimburse you for the course fee of $15-16.

(This post from last year provides some useful info about ServSafe — what it is and why we need it.)

For more information on these or any other volunteer opportunities, please contact Kristin Livdahl, Volunteer Coordinator at

Volunteers sought for the Gathering at WisCon 41 — Clothing Swap

WisCon Chairs

The Gathering is the official opening to WisCon. On Friday afternoon the ballroom on the 2nd floor of the Concourse Hotel turns into a fair of sorts. Activities range from a Scavenger Hunt to Tabletop Games to a Nail Polish Swap to a Fiber Circle. It’s a fun, laid-back way to ease (or jump!) into just the right mindset for a WisCon weekend.

This year we need a few more volunteers to help make the Gathering come to life. Would you like to accumulate time toward earning a rebate on your membership cost? Would you like to help WisCon members look fabulous? Join us as a Gathering volunteer!

Urgent — Clothing Swap seeks fashion mavens!

The Gathering's Clothing Swap at WisCon 40
The Clothing Swap at WisCon 40’s Gathering.

Our Clothing Swap is the only Gathering activity that isn’t run by the folks who propose it — because it’s so popular that we just keep holding it no matter what! That means we need YOU… to help out at the Clothing Swap. We’re in search of at least two people who love recommending clothes and giving opinions about what would look great on folks — but who also are willing to hang, sort, and set out the clothes that members bring in to gift to each other prior to the opening of the Gathering. Interested? Give us a holler at and we’ll make sure you get first crack at the treasures.

The First WisCon Dinner — seeking leaders and diners!

WisCon Chairs

We’re looking for people who have been to a few WisCons already to lead a group for the First WisCon dinner — is that you? We already have a few, but we need at least two more! If you’re interested, please email and we’ll put you in touch with the First WisCon Dinner coordinator — and yes, leading a group is volunteer time that can count toward eligibility for a WisCon membership rebate of 40% of the registration fee!

The First WisCon Dinner is our effort to welcome new attendees, share hints of what not to miss, and dispel the misperception that everyone at WisCon already knows each other. Everyone — whether it’s your first, fifth, or fifteenth WisCon — is invited to meet right outside the doors of the 2nd floor Wisconsin ballroom after the end of the first panels (between 5:15 and 5:30 pm) on Friday. We’ll organize ourselves into groups small enough to allow conversation, then each group will head to a different local restaurant chosen to suit dining preferences and your budget. Over dinner, we’ll all get to know each other and WisCon veterans will share memories and advice with new arrivals!

It’s a wonderful way to spend the first evening of the convention.

Updates on — Registration & Childcare, Dessert Salon tickets, and hotel cancellation policy

WisCon is less than two weeks away!  Here are some updates and upcoming deadlines you’ll want to know about as Memorial Day weekend draws ever nearer.

Pre-con registration closes Monday, May 15 (11:59pm Central Time)

Want to make sure you have a pre-printed badge waiting for you at the convention?  Online registration is still open!  You can pay right away via PayPal.

Did you know you can register now online and then pay in person at the Registration Desk?  You can!  This is a good option if you want to ensure that you’re registered and have a printed badge, but would rather pay in cash.

We do cap membership at 1,000, and we make no guarantees that memberships will be available at the door, but this year chances look pretty good for at-the-door memberships.

WisCon's registration desk, staffed by 2 volunteers
The Registration Desk at WisCon 40, staffed by the friendly Sheree (left) and Lenore (right).

Single-day memberships

Want to try out WisCon without committing to a full membership?  In town for only a day?  We offer — for purchase at the door only! — single-day memberships at the following rates:

  • Friday: $0
  • Saturday: $25
  • Sunday: $25
  • Monday: $0

Yes, Friday and Monday are FREE!


WisCon offers Childcare at a cost of only $1 for children ages 0-6 — but you do need to register them in advance!  Childcare registration closes on Monday, May 15, along with online registration.  You can register your child for Childcare by logging into your WisCon account and using the registration system.

Dessert Salon tickets

The Dessert Salon is capped at 400 tickets, and we have sold out!  If you’d like to be added to the wait list, please email:

Hotel cancellation policy

Huge news for reservations at the Concourse hotel — we now have a 24-hour cancellation policy!  Our room block with the Concourse used to come with a full week cancellation policy, but that’s been changed starting this year.  If you need to cancel your Concourse reservation, you can now do so with only 24 hours’ notice before your reservation begins.  If you wait too long to cancel your reservation, you will incur a cancellation fee.

If you need to reach the Concourse, call: 1-800-356-8293

If you have questions for our hotel liaisons, email:

See you soon!!  🙂

Sign up for the WisCon 41 SignOut!


Interested in registering for a spot at the SignOut this year? Afraid you missed the deadline? We were changing the SignOut registration process this spring and so it was closed for awhile — but there is still time to sign up!

a table tent at the SignOut
You, too, can have a spot at the SignOut to chat with your fans and sign autographs!

What’s the SignOut? It’s a signing party and WisCon farewell rolled into one! Writers (and other creators!) and those who love them will gather together at mid-day on Monday to sign and get signatures, to thank and praise and schmooze one last time before we fly away for another year.

If you would like to be a signer, please complete this registration form. The deadline for registering before the convention is Monday, May 15 (at, as always, 11:59pm Central Time). If you miss the sign-up deadline, contact us via to see if spaces are still available!

Are you looking at this on the Sunday of WisCon and you realize you want to participate? Come to the SignOut info table at least 20 minutes before it starts and we’ll set you up!

folks mingling in the SignOut room
The SignOut at WisCon 40 winds down.

WisCon 41 — Announcing our Art Show Artists

Art Show

We are very excited to announce the artists in WisCon 41’s Art Show.  This year’s show will feature 38 artists, 13 of whom are new to the WisCon Art Show! (* = new)

Clara Abnet-Holden: Drawing and painting

Stacie Arellano: Illustration and comics

*Jon Arfstrom: Painting

Lisa Bergin: Felted sculpture/fiber art

Susan Simensky Bietila: Political illustration and buttons

*Sophia Brueckner: Multimedia/interactive sculpture

J.J. Brutsman: Fiber art monsters

Katie Clapham: Photography

Tahlia Day: Watercolor/mixed media painting

Meredith Dillman: Painting and illustration

*Anna Dudda: Handmade scarves

*Jack Rowan Rose Evans: Drawing, painting, illustration

Rhea Ewing: Illustration and comics

K.J. Forest: Photography

Geek Calligraphy: Calligraphy and prints

Erika Hammerschmidt: Jewelry

*Elizabeth Frohn Hengst: Mixed media art

*Kathie Huddleston: Fused glass jewelry and sculpture

Ingrid Kallick: Painting and illustration

Theo Nicole Lorenz: Coloring books and illustration

Jennifer Neises: Polymer clay sculpture and jewelry

*Brigid Nelson: Handmade totes and purses

*Ariana Olsen: Painting

Katherine Olson: Jewelry and photography

David Lee Pancake: Illustration and sculpture

Mary Prince: Mixed media sculpture and painting

*Jana Pullman: Fine bookbinding and boxes

April Robinson: Drawing and painting

*Mark Roland: Fantasy art, painting, printmaking

*Sad Chimera Princess: Illustration and comics

Samhain Press: Illustration, book sculpture, jewelry

Nevenah Smith: Etched glass and glass sculpture

Lisa Snellings: Poppet sculptures and prints

Heather Tatarek: Painting and handmade journals

*Kat Weaver: Illustration

Alex Wells: Art dolls

Claire Whitmore: Illustration

*Yara Charms: Jewelry

And an informational exhibit on Susan Wood, a feminist SF fan writer and critic, who was GoH (with Vonda McIntyre) at WisCon 2.