WisCon 41 — Announcing our Art Show Artists

Art Show

We are very excited to announce the artists in WisCon 41’s Art Show.  This year’s show will feature 38 artists, 13 of whom are new to the WisCon Art Show! (* = new)

Clara Abnet-Holden: Drawing and painting

Stacie Arellano: Illustration and comics

*Jon Arfstrom: Painting

Lisa Bergin: Felted sculpture/fiber art

Susan Simensky Bietila: Political illustration and buttons

*Sophia Brueckner: Multimedia/interactive sculpture

J.J. Brutsman: Fiber art monsters

Katie Clapham: Photography

Tahlia Day: Watercolor/mixed media painting

Meredith Dillman: Painting and illustration

*Anna Dudda: Handmade scarves

*Jack Rowan Rose Evans: Drawing, painting, illustration

Rhea Ewing: Illustration and comics

K.J. Forest: Photography

Geek Calligraphy: Calligraphy and prints

Erika Hammerschmidt: Jewelry

*Elizabeth Frohn Hengst: Mixed media art

*Kathie Huddleston: Fused glass jewelry and sculpture

Ingrid Kallick: Painting and illustration

Theo Nicole Lorenz: Coloring books and illustration

Jennifer Neises: Polymer clay sculpture and jewelry

*Brigid Nelson: Handmade totes and purses

*Ariana Olsen: Painting

Katherine Olson: Jewelry and photography

David Lee Pancake: Illustration and sculpture

Mary Prince: Mixed media sculpture and painting

*Jana Pullman: Fine bookbinding and boxes

April Robinson: Drawing and painting

*Mark Roland: Fantasy art, painting, printmaking

*Sad Chimera Princess: Illustration and comics

Samhain Press: Illustration, book sculpture, jewelry

Nevenah Smith: Etched glass and glass sculpture

Lisa Snellings: Poppet sculptures and prints

Heather Tatarek: Painting and handmade journals

*Kat Weaver: Illustration

Alex Wells: Art dolls

Claire Whitmore: Illustration

*Yara Charms: Jewelry

And an informational exhibit on Susan Wood, a feminist SF fan writer and critic, who was GoH (with Vonda McIntyre) at WisCon 2.

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