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We plan to return to an in-person convention for WisCon in 2022, with some virtual/online elements. Registration for 2022 is not yet available.

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How to Register for WisCon

Registration is not yet available for WisCon in 2022, but payment will be available by credit card. If you would prefer to pay by check, or if you wish to pre-register but pay at the door of the convention, please email

Once you have completed the payment information, you will be prompted to enter in the name and email address associated with each purchased membership. The name you enter at this stage is the name that will appear on your badge. The “Badge Name” in the database will NOT be used for WisCon 45. This name can be edited at any time before the convention by visiting the confirmation page linked from the confirmation email you receive from GrowTix.

Each person with a membership must complete a waiver acknowledging that you have read and are aware of the WisCon Anti-Harassment policy.

  • The interface for signing the waiver is currently inaccessible to people using screen-readers; if that prevents you from completing the waiver (or if you have any other issue), email and we can mark the waiver complete on your behalf.


Full weekend memberships:

  • Adult (18+): $65 ($55 until June 15)
  • Teen (ages 13-17): $20
  • Youth (ages 7-12): $20
  • Former WisCon Guests of Honor: Free (via voucher sent in May 2020)
  • Child Care (age 0-6) $1 per child; requires pre-registration. Please provide the age of each child to be enrolled in childcare. Please read the childcare information page for full details.

Both free memberships and financial support for attending WisCon are available through the WisCon Member Assistance Fund (WMAF)

Dessert Salon tickets:

The Dessert Salon takes place Sunday night, before the Guest of Honor speeches. One ticket gets you access to the Dessert Salon, as well as two items from the dessert buffet.

Proceeds from the Dessert Salon help to financially support the convention as a whole, allowing us to keep things like Child Care and the con suite available to all members. Starting with WisCon in 2022, Dessert Salon tickets are now available at three different price points (they were previously on a sliding scale):

  • Regular price: $35
  • Affordability price: $20 (available to make this event accessible to more members)
  • WisCon Supporter: $50 (a higher price for those who are able and willing to pay more)

Questions and Answers

Will WisCon in 2022 include online or virtual access?

We are not yet sure whether any of the virtual aspects of previous conventions will be carried over to WisCon in 2022 or future WisCon events. If you are interested in getting involved in the WisCon convention committee, the ConCom, to help make a virtual WisCon possible, check out Pre-Con volunteer for more information.

What if I’ve already registered but can’t attend?

If you are unable to attend, refunds are available until May 15 in the year of the convention. You may opt at any time to defer your membership or dessert salon ticket to a future year, or to donate your membership of dessert salon ticket to the WisCon Member Assistance Fund.

Why did you change registration systems?

The existing registration system at was developed and maintained by members of our AppDev team. Many of those people have since stepped back from the concom, and at the same time we’ve had growing problems with our interface with PayPal—problems that some of you may have experienced when registering in the past couple years! For this reason, we made the decision to transition to a third-party registration and payment platform, and selected GrowTix from among the options we reviewed.

Programming signups, and other aspects of your WisCon account, will continue to be managed through the existing WisCon system at

If you had an existing order for WisCon 44 or WisCon 45, including all memberships that were automatically deferred, your membership has been imported into our GrowTix system, and you were contacted by email about how to access your membership.

The switch in systems means that information that used to be maintained from year to year, like your WisCon badge name, must be re-entered. If you do register for WisCon 45, please be sure to enter your name (editable on the order confirmation page) as you would like it to appear on your badge!

At-Con Registration

If the convention does not meet our cap, both full-weekend memberships and single-day memberships can be purchased at the door, along with tickets for the Sunday night Dessert Salon if they are still available. We accept payment in person via cash, personal check, and credit/debit card.

Registration is capped at 1,000 members. We cannot guarantee availability of at-the-door memberships.

Single Day Memberships (available at the door only):

If the convention does not meet our cap, we will have single-day memberships available at the door. The cost of these memberships is:

  • Friday: free
  • Saturday: $35 (Adult), $10 (Teen and Youth)
  • Sunday: $30 (Adult), $10 (Teen and Youth)
  • Monday: free

Though Friday and Monday memberships are free, they are still subject to our 1000-member cap, so we do ask that you check in at the registration desk to confirm that one-day memberships are still available, and to receive a badge.

I have more questions!

If you have any questions about registration for WisCon 44 or 45, feel free to email us at