WisCon 41 Madison-area construction update

Are you driving into Madison for WisCon this year?  Here’s our annual construction update to inform your trip.

39/90 between Madison and the Illinois state line is under heavy construction basically all the time, as they’re expanding it to six lanes. Some bridges are also closed. Godspeed.

There are some construction activities in the city, including near the Concourse, but no worse than usual. Gorham Street has been closed intermittently. The south side of the Capitol Square is being rebuilt, so there will be dust and mobility issues over in that area. Navigation tip: the Concourse is on the west side of Capitol Square.

And as always, the marathon is next weekend, which means buses will be detoured and some roads will be closed on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Info on the races is at runmadtown.com and bus detours are at www.cityofmadison.com/metro/detours/.

Travel safe and see you soon!

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