WisCon 41 at-con newsletter — A Momentary Taste of WisCon, Saturday edition

HOW IS IT SATURDAY ALREADY???  But don’t worry, WisCon’s not even half over yet.  Today we have the Bake Sale, a Magic the Gathering Tournament, and the Tiptree Auction.  Plus, y’know, tons of panels and readings and parties and … and … and ….

Don’t forget we have a Quiet Place if you need a break!

And if you need a snack, please stop by the Con Suite!  It’s for anyone who needs it — whether to make your con more affordable or because your blood sugar is dropping or just because you’re getting hangry between panels!

Saturday’s top volunteer needs

  • Con Suite needs a ServSafe certified volunteer 3-4pm today.  Stop by the Con Suite (room 638).
  • Art Show has hour-long shifts available all afternoon.  Stop by the Senate rooms on the 1st floor.
  • The Bake Sale needs help with sales.  Stop room 627.

More details on volunteering in the section at the bottom, or email volunteers@wiscon.net.

CART / live-captioning service available

WisCon is proud to offer live-captioning services — available all weekend long, at request, for (almost) any panel.  We always offer the service for Opening Ceremonies, the Tiptree Auction, and the Sunday night Guest of Honor Speeches.  But would you like to have CART for a panel you’re going to attend?  Our CART providers will be hanging out in the Green Room (2nd floor) all weekend long.  Check with a Green Room volunteer to see if the CART provider is available.  Or you can email access@wiscon.net!

Moderator needed

We’re looking for a moderator for the “My Voices, Your Voices, #ownvoices” panel on Sunday at 10am.  Unfortunately, the scheduled moderator wasn’t able to make it to WisCon this year.  If you can step in, please contact the Green Room on the 2nd floor!

How do I join the WisCon organizing committee, and what even IS that???

  • 4pm Saturday
  • Room 605

WisCon is run entirely by volunteers, but who are these attractive people and what the heck do they do?  Please join us for some spontaneous programming where we’ll demystify these and other questions!

Location typo in the Pocket Program Book

Our printed Pocket Program Book has a typo for the location of the Safer Space for People with Disabilities.  It’s in room 625.


There will be a teen-and-up Open Swim with a lifeguards on duty both Saturday and Sunday 2:30-3:45pm.  Join us on the 3rd floor!

Posting your posters

Have a reading or party at WisCon that you want to advertise?  Want to get the word out about some Spontaneous Programming you’ve planned?  You can make a poster to hang around the convention space.  Flyers in the stairwells can be posted NOW (previously some folks had been told they had to wait until Sunday — we apologize for the confusing information).  You can also post your flyers and posters on the 2nd and 6th floors around the elevators but not IN them. Signs on the 1st floor can ONLY be posted on the bulletin board — except for things officially from WisCon Access.

Browsing & shopping

Today’s a great day to take a stroll through our Art Show and Dealers’ Room.  And don’t forget to cast your vote in the Art Show awards by 6pm tonight!

  • Art Show hours:  9:30am – 6pm
  • Dealers’ Room hours:  10am – 6pm

Today’s big events

Bake Sale for Tiptree

  • 11:15am – 5:15pm
  • Room 627

Every year, WisCon hosts a bake sale to support and raise money for the Tiptree Award.  A wide variety of cookies, breads, cakes, pies and delectables are baked and donated by Tiptree supporters.

Tiptree Auction

  • 7:30-9:15pm or so
  • Capitol/Wisconsin

Do feminists have a sense of humor? Come to the Tiptree Auction and find out! You might come away with a first edition signed by LeGuin, a glow-in-the-dark squid, a statue of Space Babe, or a book from Alice Sheldon’s library. It’s never the same show twice, and whatever happens, there are always lots of laughs, all for a good cause. Every bit of the money you spend is donated to the James Tiptree, Jr., Award.


Want to sign up for tonight’s games?  Email gaming@wiscon.net.  For full descriptions of the games, check out this blog post.


  • Card Game
  • Saturday, 10pm-12am

The Last Seder

  • LARP
  • Saturday, 8pm-12am
  • Room 629

We are sad to announce that Saturday’s “Dr. Seuss” board game has been cancelled.  🙁

Today’s Open Writing Salon

  • Saturday, 8-10pm — With drive-by drabbling!

Looking for a quiet place to get some words on the page? Join us every morning and evening from Friday night to Sunday night for an opportunity to share space with other writers. The full weekend schedule is in this blog post.

Weekend drabble  challenge!

For the WisCon FanFic Drabble Challenge, we’ll be accepting works that are 100-250 words long, from any fandom. These will be collected and included in a collection on the Archive of Our Own. The challenge is open from Saturday at 12pm through close of con on Monday at 4pm.  This post has all the details!

The once & future WisCon

How can WisCon improve?  What programming would you like to see next year?  Who would make a great Guest of Honor for WisCon 43?  Please check out this blog post and help us continue to build a great WisCon.

Today’s Con Suite menus

This blog post has the full list of menus for the weekend.

Saturday lunch (11:30am-1:30pm)

  • Potato salad (vegetarian, GF)
  • Three bean salad (vegan & GF)
  • Carrot slaw (vegan & GF)
  • Jerk tofu (vegan, GF)
  • Sandwich platters
  • Sandwich bread (including GF bread)
  • Cheese slices
  • Sunbutter (nut free)
  • Peanut butter
  • Jams & jellies

Saturday dinner (5:30-7:30pm)

  • Chili night (beef & vegan)
  • Maple roasted vegetables (vegan & GF)
  • Rice

Got an hour or two to volunteer? #WisConGiveBack

What makes WisCon go are the volunteers. Have a free hour or two? Would you like to help out and earn a rebate on your membership?  If you’re up for volunteering, please email us!  volunteers@wiscon.net

  1. Current urgent needs are posted on a white board next to the Registration desk on the 2nd floor.
  2. We always have a strong need for folks who can help out in the Con Suite.
  3. We also have a regular need for volunteers at Registration Desk and the Art Show desk.
  4. Other specific needs are added as needed to the blog’s volunteers tag.

Need to contact Safety?

Reminder:  Our Code of Conduct

  • email:  safety@wiscon.net
  • phone:  608-957-7233 (957-SAFE)
  • reporting form: wiscon.net/report

Or look for one of our on-call Safety volunteers. They’re wearing bright yellow/green high-visibility vests.

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