All-Gender Toilets

WisCon has toilets for all people — regardless of gender.

We have gender-neutral toilets in two locations:

  • In Conference 1, on the 2nd Floor
  • On the 6th Floor, between rooms 627 and 629

Requests have been made to expand the availability of gender-neutral bathrooms. The hotel cannot currently accommodate this need; the issue remains open. In the meantime, WisCon wishes to be very clear that we support all people’s right to use the restroom they consider appropriate.

Questioning anyone’s right to use a restroom based upon a perceived mismatch between their gender and who a restroom is “for” is a violation of WisCon’s Code of Conduct. If you feel unsafe or harassed, our Safety Team is here to assist you.

Or look for one of our on-call Safety volunteers. They’re wearing bright yellow/green high-visibility vests.