Freebie Tables

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  • We accept deliveries from late April until the week before the convention every year.

Do you have swag promoting your book, convention, podcast, or other project that you’d like promote to WisCon attendees?  You’ll want to consider our Freebie Tables!  While most conventions and conferences traditionally have swag bags, as part of our sustainability initiatives we’ve switched to Freebie Tables — these allow our members to pick and choose what catches their eyes which eliminates a lot of paper waste.

What can I send?

Anyone can provide things to be placed on the freebie tables, but all items will be reviewed in light of our guiding principles and we do reserve the right to discard any items that we deem inappropriate.  If you’re not sure if your promotional items are right for WisCon, we encourage you to contact us at the email address at the top of the page to inquire.

How much should I send?

WisCon caps its membership at 1,000 — most years we have an average of 800-900 members.  You are welcome to send the number of items that feels right to you, but bear in mind that anything left on the Freebie Tables will either be donated (books) or discarded (everything else).

If you’d like some guidance on how much to send and where to send it, please contact us at the email address above.  Let us know what you’re interested in sending so that we can give you an estimate.  We especially encourage you to contact us in advance if you are interested in shipping multiple boxes of books.