Dessert Salon

What’s a little decadent, a little laid back, and full of great conversation? Our Dessert Salon! Every year, right before the Guest of Honor speeches, WisCon members (who have purchased a salon ticket) enjoy delights crafted by the Concourse’s pastry chef, up to two desserts per ticket-holder.

We do work with the pastry chef each year to make sure we provide an array of desserts that suit various dietary needs. The menu is here. At the salon, if you have specific dietary issues please let a volunteer at the door know to set aside items to make sure you get a piece (or two).

The salon is in the Concourse’s ballroom, where round tables seat 10 people each. Early arrivals sometimes tip chairs forward to save a seat for fellow members. Navigating this cozy environment can be a challenge for members with large space bubbles — let a volunteer know if you need to be seated early. The Dessert Salon can also be quite noisy, which you may want to take into consideration before purchasing a ticket.

Ticket-holders are admitted at 7:30pm.  At 8:30pm, the doors open to all members, free of charge, for the Guest of Honor speeches and any award ceremonies that WisCon is hosting.


Many WisCon members enjoy dressing in their finery for the Dessert Salon.  Just as many prefer to attend in jeans and a t-shirt.  There is no one right way to dress for the event — you should attend dressed in the way you think is best.