Promote it at WisCon!

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WisCon is a convention with an annual membership in the neighborhood of 800-1,000 fans who are equally passionate about feminism and social justice as they are about the next awesome work of science fiction (or fantasy or horror, et cetera) they’re going to read, watch, or listen to.

Which means WisCon could be the perfect place to promote your project.  We have several ways that you can get information about your book, podcast, call for submission, fan group (and so on) into the hands of our members.  WisCon is an especially great venue for you to promote your own upcoming convention!


WisCon offers various levels of paid advertising and sponsorship opportunities in our Souvenir Program Book.  Members eyes’ will be glued to our SPB all weekend long, a beloved item that’s taken home and enjoyed long after the convention ends.  Sponsorships are available around the convention to get your logo in front of the eyes of 1000+ members for 4 long days.

Freebie Tables

When WisCon did away with swag bags (to reduce waste as part of our sustainability initiatives), we introduced our freebie tables.  The freebie tables are something of a smorgasbord of flyers, promotional items like bookmarks, buttons, and fake tattoos, and the occasional cache of advanced reader copies.  If you were hoping to send us the sort of small promotional item that would normally go into a convention swag bag, check out the information about our Freebie Tables.