Hotel Information

Room reservations are now open for WisCon in 2023 at the Concourse in Madison, Wisconsin!

  • contact:
  • Rooms at our special discounted rate are available until midnight CST on April 25th, 2023.

You can reserve a room at the Concourse for Memorial Day Weekend in 2023 by:

The Concourse has two types of rooms; Governor’s Club is a little fancier and includes access to the Governor’s Club lounge.

Concourse Premier:
  • $155/single
  • $165/double
  • $175/triple
  • $185/quad

Governor’s Club:
  • $249/single
  • $269/double
  • $289/triple with up to one rollaway bed

Sixth Floor Discounted Rooms

WisCon makes a limited number of rooms eligible for one free night during the convention. Read more details in the Affordability section of the website, here.

Want roommates?

Try looking online at the Wiscon Dreamwidth Community for room share or room transfer opportunities.

The Concourse hotel is accessible to those with disabilities. For detailed information on accessibility, please see our Access page. All hotel rooms in Wisconsin are smoke-free by law. Check-in time is 3 pm; check-out time is 11 am.

The Concourse has an underground parking garage, but it is not free; currently, overnight guests pay $15.00 a night, and day users can pay up to $17.00 a day. A much less expensive public parking ramp is available just across the street from the Concourse.

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