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Con Suite: Helping Members Eat for Cheap!
The Con Suite offers food and drink to all members as long as they’re wearing a WisCon badge. We are committed to making sure your convention experience is fun, easy, and affordable.

Due to COVID-19, we are not serving full meals in the Con Suite this year. There will be Grab & Go items available in Room 638, as well as coffee, tea, and soda. Please consider eating outside; or, if you’re staying at the Concourse, we ask that you take food back to your room to eat. Rooms 629 and 638 are available as spaces to eat for any members for whom that’s not possible (except when those rooms are used for parties in the late evening).

Grab and Go Hours (Room 627)
Friday: Noon—1am
Saturday: 8am—1am
Sunday: 8am—1am
Monday: 8am—5pm

For members who depend on the Con Suite to help make WisCon affordable, we have created a new voucher program this year. Restaurants listed on the voucher are accepting these as if they were cash: hand one to the cashier when paying, and the restaurant will bill WisCon at the end of the weekend. The cashier may ask to see your WisCon badge. The voucher program is intended to feed the members of WisCon using WisCon’s money, which is part of our mission to keep WisCon accessible – so that’s why you’ll need to show your badge.
Please don’t hesitate to use the vouchers if they would make your con experience less stressful and more affordable! You can order whatever food or non-alcoholic drink you want; we don’t want anyone struggling with affordability to feel less-than. If you’re here with family members or you’re out at a participating restaurant and someone else could use the assistance, multiple people can order on the same voucher.
If the cost of food isn’t a big deal for you, but you’re inviting a group of people to get together, consider going to one of the restaurants listed! That makes it easier for everyone to enjoy a meal together regardless of financial need.
Meal vouchers will be usable until we hit our total budget of $5,000 for the voucher program.
Participating restaurants for this year are:
  • Ian’s Pizza (State Street location only): vegan and gluten-free options available. Vouchers may be used on dine-in and take-out only (no delivery).
  • CIRC (the Concourse restaurant) and The Bar (also in the Concourse). Vouchers may be used on dine-in only (not room service).
Vouchers will be available near the Registration and Info Desk and in the Con Suite Grab & Go room. Safety volunteers will also be carrying these vouchers.