Kids’ & Teens’ Programming

Kids’ Programming

Kids’ Programming is a separate track aimed at older children ages 7-12, who can expect crafting, supervised swimming, story-telling, and games. We also plan to have some discussion groups and interaction with WisCon’s teens. Kids’ Programming is limited to daytime hours only. Participants must be signed in and out by a parent or responsible adult, including at lunch break and at the end of the day; there is no programming during meal breaks.

Teen Programming

Teen Programming is driven by participants, who help to develop the schedule of activities, and may also include panels and workshops. Teens have a separate space for more complicated activities, including crafting, discussions, gaming, and video games. The teen room is off-limits to both adults and younger kids, aside from adult room moderators, and will be open during the day and in the evening. Teens are free to come and go from the space throughout the convention, and are also welcomed to join Kids’ Programming as participants in activities or as volunteer helpers.