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  • Priority Deadline for applications: 3/15/2023 at 11:59pm US Central time
  • Final Deadline for application:  4/30/2023 at 11:59pm US Central time

As fun as room parties at conventions can be, what’s even more fun is an open party available to everyone.  Starting at 9pm Friday-Sunday, WisCon offers parties hosted by WisCon members and open to every member of the convention.  In past years, parties have included karaoke, a haiku-and-earring party, and piñata-smashing.

We’re staying Covid cautious and staying masked while reveling! This year, you can choose between two kinds of hotel parties:

  • Safer Parties allow Party Hosts to serve non-alcoholic beverages only, no food.
  • Safest Parties do not allow food or drink.

You can also throw an online party or an outdoor party.

We’re counting on your creativity to host awesome parties even without the appeal of food. Here are some ideas on making parties fun while still following the rules.

Party spaces must be requested in advance. Unfortunately, we are unable to entertain late party requests due to scheduling requirements.

Party reservations are prioritized due to a number of factors.  We are particularly enthusiastic about parties with a history at WisCon as well as parties that are promoting other cons, SF groups, book & author promotional parties, and other events. Please note that there are a limited number of party room reservation slots available.

Maybe your party have will awesome music, fun games, or cool craft activities! How about a mocktail bar?

To submit your party request, fill out this form.
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WisCon Party Rules


  • At our “Safer” parties, party hosts may not serve food, only non-alcoholic beverages.  Since it’s hard to keep everyone masked when food (or booze) is being served, we’re asking party hosts to stick to non-alcoholic beverages only.  As per our general masking policy, everyone is to remain masked at all times; masks can be lowered in between sips of beverages.
  • Party hosts may not serve alcohol. Non-alcoholic drinks only, please.
  • At our “Safest” parties, no food or drink of any kind is allowed. We’ll follow the same rules we follow at a panel.
  • Party hosts provide any entertainment and non-alcoholic beverages — WisCon only provides the space!
  • Solicitation of donations for purchase of alcohol is not permitted.
  • Glitter, confetti, and latex balloons are not allowed in official WisCon-provided party rooms. Please be mindful and considerate when using anything that would be difficult to clean up.
  • Parties using WisCon-provided rooms MUST be open to anyone who is a registered member of WisCon.
  • Party suites on the 6th Floor are available starting at 5:30pm for set up.  We encourage all party hosts to be ready to open their doors by 9pm.
  • Parties on the 2nd Floor might have later available times depending on panel schedules.
  • Note: Submitting a request will not guarantee a reservation, but doing it before the priority deadline gets you extra consideration. Letters will go out in early May to everyone who submitted a request letting you know either that you have a party room confirmed or that despite our best attempts we were unable to find a space for your party.