Guest of Honor Speeches

The Guest of Honor event is the high point of the WisCon weekend.  This is when we celebrate and honor our guests, and our guests honor us with a speech, a song, or whatever they wish. In the past, guests have given us rallying calls to political action, humorous anecdotes, scholarly treatises, exposés, autobiographical histories, earthshaking ideas, and passionate and lyrical speeches. Sometimes they have even had far-reaching consequences. For instance, Pat Murphy initiated the Otherwise Award as part of her 1991 GoH speech at WisCon 15. In 2019, the Otherwise Award was renamed!

To note the importance of this event, no programming is scheduled against the speeches.

The Sunday night ceremonies also often include:

And other announcements.  If you have something you wish to announce or present during our Sunday ceremonies, please contact the Con Chair at the email address at the top of the page to inquire.