At-Con Volunteers

How do I sign up as a volunteer?

You can find volunteer shifts through the programming system! To sign up for shifts, log in at, select the “Volunteer” tab, and click “Add shifts” on the right. This will bring up a list of all Volunteer shifts, organized by time. If you have problems with the form (or any questions), e-mail

WisCon is for the members, by the members. Everyone who works on the convention is just a member who’s volunteering their time—and you can do the same!  Volunteering during the convention is a great way to experience another aspect of WisCon and to meet people.

For WisCon 2023, we need people to fill both in-person and virtual volunteer roles during the convention.


    • Registration Desk staff
      Be in the middle of the action! At the Registration Desk, you get to meet a bunch of cool people and orient them to the convention. There’s some light tech use, which you will be trained for.
    • Art Show
      Chat with WisConites who love art and support WisCon’s fantastic artists in a substantial way! You will run the financial transactions in the Art Show, which you will be trained for. During downtime, you may be able to steal a moment for your own (portable) projects.
    • Con Suite
      Work with stuff and rarely talk to anyone! Con Suite volunteers are needed for scheduled Con Suite stocking, which takes about 20 minutes, a little more if there’s been a rush.
    • Safety
      Travel around WisCon and keep it running! Safety volunteers communicate as trained about issues, but more often they give directions and get to develop a whole-WisCon view.
    • Green Room Desk
      Help answer questions for panelists, using ConCom contact information. Handle signs, food, and beverages in support of panelists. Useful skills to practice in this role include being organized, following directions, being observant (sense-flexible), creative problem solving, and thinking on your feet.
    • Green Room Runner
      Visit each program room with 15/10 minute signs to let the panelists know the remaining time. Estimate program attendance for our programming dept. Useful skills to practice in this role include being organized and being observant (visual).
    • Setup / Teardown (Thursday evening and Monday)
      You can get WisCon going and help wrap up with your ability to lift things and follow directions! A simple at-Con role with the bonus of not overlapping with WisCon events or programming.
    • Hybrid Production Assistant
      Like Production Assistant (below), plus operating physical at-Con hardware to enable interaction between virtual and in-person attendees. Additional 15 minute training on-site to ensure a more integrated WisCon.
    • Blue Tape Volunteer
      Work with a small group to ensure all WisCon members can participate easily! If you choose this role, you would help mark spaces with blue tape following the guide for your shift’s events. You would need to bend or kneel repeatedly (to place tape) and lift chairs (to adjust placement).
    • Fan Club Party
      Craft a 3-D structure (Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes) with directions to help make WisCon safer! Just show up in the Dealer’s Room after Thursday’s Guest of Honor readings in the library, and then have fun! All materials provided, no experience needed.
    • Post Dessert Salon Volunteer
      You’re a dessert fairy! Choose this role, and you get to collect any leftover desserts from the Dessert Salon serving area and transport them to the Con Suite. Some desserts may need to be refrigerated. Take as many leftover desserts at the end as you like!


    • Discord Moderator
      Excellent as they are, our Online Con Team has not yet learned the trick of being omnipresent. You’ll get to work with bots (the helpful kind, not the spam kind) and keep the Online Con Team informed if needed.
    • Production Assistant
      Like a virtual backstage manager, you might help ensure everything’s in place for the show for specific programming and events you sign up for. Build your Zoom proficiency. Training provided to become familiar with our step-by-step run sheet, which includes phone numbers in case of problems.
    • Registration Email Responder
      Great for helping WisCon purr along steadily (without having to face any faces!) You would get to monitor and help answer questions. Answer sheet provided with Registration Lead(s) available for anything it doesn’t cover. Common topics include how to register, providing program links, helping with registration issues, and forwarding emails.

We are currently reviewing our Volunteer Rebate program. We are unable to offer Volunteer Rebates for WisCon 2023.