At-Con Volunteers

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You can find all of our volunteer opportunities for WisCon 43 at this link: Thank you!

WisCon is for the members, by the members.  Everyone who works on the convention is just a member who’s volunteering their time — and you could be, too!  Volunteering at the convention is a great way to experience another aspect of WisCon and to meet people.  Volunteer jobs range from helping at the Registration / Info Desk to prepping food in the Con Suite to walking a shift or two with Safety.

We usually start announcing at-con volunteer shifts in April and May.  Watch our blog and e-newsletter!  If you have questions, contact us at the email address above.

All volunteers get a “thank you” gift, and volunteers who work six hours or more and get their volunteer sheet signed by their department lead are eligible to request the volunteer rebate.