How to Throw an (Official) Hotel Party at WisCon (In Three Easy Steps)

Attention, party heroes!  WisCon Parties 2023 is now open for submissions!
Throwing a party at WisCon is a great, cost-effective way to celebrate a book launch, share an offbeat interest, or just generally make everybody’s convention more fun. The Priority Deadline is 3/15/2023, so we’ve put together a simple three-step guide for anyone who’s thinking that the role of Party-Thrower might be right for them.
If your party proposal is accepted, WisCon will provide the space (for free), and will list your party on the official schedule. In return, you’ll follow all rules and procedures, and make sure the party is open to all convention attendees.
  1. Decide what kind of party you want to throw
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and make sure everyone can attend parties at their personal comfort level, official hotel parties come in two flavors. We’ll provide signage to be posted at the door.

  1. Safer parties are MASKS REQUIRED. You may serve non-alcoholic beverages and provide wrapped grab-and-go snacks as party favors. Guests may briefly remove masks to sip beverages, but snacks must be consumed outside the party.
  2. Safest parties are MASKS REQUIRED. No beverages or food allowed. Masks must stay on at all times (essentially, the same rules as panels).
If indoor hotel parties aren’t your jam, we’ve got options!  You can throw an online party or an outdoor party. We’ll list it on the schedule so that everyone knows where to go.
2.   Make it fun!
It can be a challenge to create a party atmosphere without food or drink, so themes, activities and decorations are key. Here are some ideas:
  • A lip synch “karaoke” party. Give prizes for the best lip synch performances!
  • A continuous game of Werewolf with themed decorations and beverages.
  • A steampunk tea party with take-home biscuits (consider getting a local tea sponsor!)
  • A collaborative art party
  • An indoor carnival with mini carnival games and prizes (team up with others who have stuff to promote!)
  • A silent disco
3. Send your party proposal to us before MARCH FIFTEENTH.
Your proposal doesn’t have to be perfect: in fact, we’ll work with you to develop your ideas! If you’re ready to step up and throw a party, we’re ready to help. Email with any questions.
Remember, anyone who sends in a proposal before 3/15/23 will have priority when free official rooms are being assigned.

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