How to Party Online at WisCon

There are lots of good reasons to throw an online party at WisCon. It’s still the safest way to gather, it’s accessible to our online-only attendees, and of course, you can eat and drink whatever you want!
If you throw an online party at WisCon, we’ll provide the virtual space of your choosing (a zoom room, discord channel or both), and list your party on the official schedule to help you promote it.
Online parties can take many forms. We encourage you to think outside the Zoom box and provide a little bit of structure. (A game or activity that allows for casual chatting and has excuses for breakout rooms and downtime is perfect!)  Video parties are the most popular, but asynchronous activity-based parties thrown solely in the discord voice channel were also successful last year. For example, the Haiku Earring party worked very well in Discord, with attendees posting links to an Etsy store, and writing haikus to match the linked earrings.
For your party, consider creative ways to combine digital presence, live parties, and tactile activities.
  • An open mike on discord voice
  • A themed Zoom trivia party with a costumed/in character host
  • An online reading of a cult sci-fi screenplay (extra points for effects and props!)
  • A book-themed cocktail recipe exchange
  • An asynchronous review binge to support WisCon authors and magazines
  • A postcard party where participants can decorate postcards and send them to each other (note- this could be combined with a postcard station at a live hotel party as a way of bringing online and in-person attendees together)

    Submit your party proposal here! Priority Deadline: 3/15/2023, Final Deadline: 4/30/2023.

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