Throwing Outdoor Parties Off-site

If you want to throw a party with food and drink, you’ll have to head outdoors! Unfortunately, we cannot provide any outdoor spaces, but we are happy to put your party on the official schedule so everyone will know where to go.
We’ve looked into a few outdoor options, and hope to add more as we do research.
Madison Park District Shelters: The Madison Park district offers a variety of shelters with bathrooms, picnic tables, and beach access! (One such park shelter was the location for last year’s Floomp brunch.) For information and rates (which range from $35 to $130 for a half day), check out:
Parthenon Gyros Rooftop: This one of the closest outdoor venues we’ve been able to find. Unfortunately, there is no elevator.
Information on rooftop rentals can be found on the catering menu under “Roof Garden Rental Policies:
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Rooftop Sculpture Garden : Gorgeous, very close, and accessible by elevator, this qualifies as a luxury option.  It’s quite expensive, but discounts for nonprofits may be available. Check out the rates here.

Submit your party idea here to be included on the official schedule! Priority Deadline: 3/15/2023, Final Deadline: 4/30/2023.

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