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Want to come to WisCon for FREE?*

* Some conditions** apply.

** Okay, the condition*** is that you are a Red Cross certified lifeguard, or willing to become one before May 15.

*** Sorry, the other condition is that you’re 18 years old or older before the beginning of WisCon.

You probably already know that WisCon’s venue, the Madison Concourse Hotel, has a terrific pool. What they don’t have is a lifeguard, and a lifeguard is something we need to have when our Kids’ Program participants visit the pool before lunchtime on Saturday and Sunday. You won’t be in charge of the kids, though — just their safety. A volunteer will be with them to bring them to the pool, supervise while they are there, and take them back to the sixth floor afterwards. You’ll be poolside wearing a swimsuit or whatever clothes you’d be comfortable jumping into the water wearing, on the very slim chance that becomes necessary.

This is not a volunteer role, but you aren’t disqualified if you’re also a WisCon volunteer! If you are our lifeguard, your registration is free, and we will also pay you for the time you spend on duty, approximately three hours total. If you’re willing, we may also discuss holding family or all-ages lifeguard-monitored swimming sessions, which could add up to another three hours of paid work.

If you already are lifeguard certified, hit us up! If you know someone who has a certification, lives in the area, and might want to try WisCon out, send them this post! If you don’t have a certification but might want to get one, you can learn more here: https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/lifeguarding Unfortunately, we cannot pay for the certification or reimburse you for that cost, so we only suggest that you do so if you might find it useful in other parts of your life.

If this sounds like you or you want more details, please email personnel@sf3.org and let us know.