Dessert Salon 2022

There will be a Dessert Salon in 2022! However, things will run differently — most importantly, the desserts will be distributed in takeout containers after the speeches. Also, as in 2019, we are trying to limit the amount of line-standing for everyone.

  • Starting at 5:30 on Sunday, attendees with Dessert Salon tickets can pick up a numbered ticket from Registration. Cash only ticket sales 6:30-8pm.
  • Seating for the speeches will begin at approximately 7:30, and Dessert Salon ticket holders will get priority seating. Ticket holders will be called by line number.
  • Speeches will begin at approximately 8:00pm and will be live streamed.
  • At the conclusion of the speeches, those without Dessert Salon tickets will depart. Dessert Salon ticket holders will then be called by number in groups of 15 to choose their desserts, to reduce crowding at the dessert tables.
  • There will be a smaller choice of desserts than in previous years, but gluten free, vegan, and nut-free desserts will still be available, it’s still two desserts per person, and the desserts will still be delicious. (There will be nine choices.)
  • There are a limited number of tickets still available. If you would like to attend, please add your Dessert Salon tickets to your registration soon! The Dessert Salon is an important fundraiser for WisCon and we hope to sell out.

To buy tickets to the Dessert Salon, go to the Registration Page and add tickets (as many as you’d like) to your cart, then check out.


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