Dessert Salon Changes for WisCon 43

This year we are implementing some changes to how we handle entry to the Salon!

Beginning at 6pm Sunday, ticket holders can stop by the second floor Registration Desk to get a number which will correspond to a place in line for themselves or their group. At 7:30pm we will start to show folks into the Salon in number order.

The lowest numbers will be reserved for people who need the help of assistive devices or staff to get seated. There will be chairs available near the door as in past years for people who need to sit until their number is called.

If you miss your number, simply let the door person know, and they will include you in the next group. We will also be able to give approximate estimates of when a number is likely to be called when you pick your number up, allowing you time to relax, eat dinner, and socialize anywhere in the hotel.

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