Parties open for proposals

Gretchen & Sooshe

Hey Partygoers!

Welcome back to WisCon! We are looking forward to another year of learning, growing, and partying together. Speaking of parties, one of our grand traditions, Parties, is getting an update. Here’s the scoop:

First, as many of you know, WisCon has party suites on the sixth floor and in the Conference rooms on the second floor. These suites are available for the free use of any convention members who request the space. We love giving our attendees the space to throw these parties, especially when they are long-running annual parties, book/author promotional parties, WisCon promotional parties, and ones that promote other cons and/or SF groups.

Second, if you are thinking about hosting a party, sign up RIGHT NOW. Space is limited, and we need your requests no later than March 15 so that we can send confirmations by the end of March. We will try our best to accommodate all party requests (so really, the sooner, the better). Just log into our parties page and make your request!

Third, we have updated the alcohol policy for all of our parties. This is a non-negotiable update and it will be enforced. If you wish to have alcohol at your party, you may not serve it yourselves in the party rooms. Rather, it will need to be legally purchased by party hosts, then turned over to and dispensed by the Concourse’s bartending station. Please read the new policy before considering including alcohol as part of your party plan.

If you are signing up to host a Party, please read up on these changes so you can be a responsible host of a fun party. We appreciate your help in making WisCon a stronger, faster, better convention for everybody, and we are so excited to see you all, soon!

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