WisCon is coming! Catch up with our 2nd Progress Report!!

Mikki Kendall & Levi Sable
Co-chairs WisCon 39

WisCon 39 is just three weeks away!  How do I get to the Concourse?  Where can I park?  Where will I eat?  Our second Progress Report is ready to answer these questions — you can download a copy of the PDF here:

PR2 also contains crucial information such as who’s hosting a party,
who’s in the Dealers’ Room, and who’s in the Art Show.  There’s a
handy local map and information on Madison cab companies.

Will you need childcare?  WisCon is happy to provide childcare for
just $1 per child.  The deadline to register is May 6, so look at PR2
now for information!

This is also a great time to double-check your registration before
WisCon.  Make sure you are registered, check that you have the number of dessert tickets you want, and maybe even volunteer for a panel that still needs panelists — just log into your account.wiscon.net account here: http://account.wiscon.net/account/

This is the last Progress Report before the convention!  To keep up
with WisCon in these last few weeks before we all convene in Madison, check us out on the internet:

WisCon, WisCon, Do You Read? (our blog) — http://wiscon.net/blog/
On Twitter — https://twitter.com/WisConSF3/
On Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/WisCon

Want to connect with other fans to get a ride? share a room? schedule a group meet-up?
LiveJournal fan-run community — http://wiscon.livejournal.com/
Dreamwidth fan-run community — http://wiscon.dreamwidth.org/
WisCon Talk Google group — https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/wiscon-talk

See you soon!

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