Calling fannish mixologists — WisCon needs drinks!

Jennie D-W

Once again, the Concourse Bar’s bartender wants cool names for WisCon-centric drink specials! All you need to include is the drink name and any suggested colors/ingredients, plus maybe the reference if it’s obscure — e.g. “Faust,” from Alaya Dawn Johnson’s Zephyr Hollis books; must look dark and bloody.

Suggestions will be accepted through Sunday, May 3, to be considered for the menu!

9 thoughts on “Calling fannish mixologists — WisCon needs drinks!”

  1. “The Water That Falls on You From Nowhere” — from John Chu’s story of the same name. COLD, mixed drink w seltzer

    “Islac Porridge” — from Ursula K. LeGuin’s “Porridge on Islac” — Islac Porridge was made from corn, yellow and thick.

    “Something Wicked” — after Bradbury’s “Something Wicked this Way Comes” — must be Halloween-y, maybe pumpkin or orange

    “Professor River Song’s ‘Spoilers'” — must have one ‘secret’ ingredient.

    “Jack Harkness Hypervodka” — clear, vodka, ‘glowing’

  2. Red Mars : 1oz Strawberry Shrub, 1oz Bourbon, 4oz Soda

    Falcon 9: Juice of one Lime and 1oz Bourbon shaken in crushed ice, and strained into glass with ice; 4oz Ginger Beer; float a spash of triple sec on top.

    Falcon 9 Heavy: Substitute 1oz Ginger Shrub and 3oz Soda for the Ginger Beer

  3. I hope we have Faust and/or Moonshine for ADJ. For KSR, it’d be neat if they could do a Mars Trilogy (layered drink with red, green and blue layers, or a set of 3 shots or something) and/or a Drink of Rice and Salt (sake-based greyhound?).

  4. Toby’s blood – something deep red to represent Toby Daye’s tendency to bleed frequently, maybe including pomegrante

    Black Widow’s strategem – built with many coloured layers, at least one of the layers a herb-based liqueur

    My Real Cocktail: (referencing my real children): there would be two different versions of this cocktail – both versions having only one or two minor ingredients in common.
    (possible example: either bourbon, ginger, lime and bitters or rum, mint lime, and bitters)
    When ordered the bartender would decide which of the two to serve.

  5. Project Leda (Orphan Black) Creme-based drink of some sort

    The Most Romantic Drink in All of Thedas–pink but surprisingly bitter (Dragon Age)

  6. Sorry these are coming in late…. The brands are recommended for ease, but most will still work with similar substitutions.

    Red Mars:
    In a mixing glass or shaker over ice, add
    2 oz Rittenhouse 100 Rye 100-proof Whiskey
    1 oz Noilly Prat Rouge vermouth
    1 oz Campari

    Stir and strain into a chilled martini or wine glass
    Garnish with Unbound Vanilla Tarragon Pickled Cherries (or other cocktail cherries that are savory or spiced rather than cloyingly sweet)
    Green Mars:
    In a highball glass over crushed ice
    2 oz green creme de menthe
    4 oz ginger ale
    1 splash fresh lemon juice
    garnish with mint leaves
    Blue Mars:
    In a mixing glass or shaker over ice, add
    0.75 oz Hendick’s gin
    0.75 oz creme de violette
    0.25 oz blue curacao
    Squeeze 1 lemon wedge

    Stir and strain into a champagne flute over 3 frozen blueberries (garnish)
    Fill with prosecco
    Joie (Jacqueline Carey’s Kusheline Cycle):
    1.5 oz Reyka Vodka (freezer cold)
    Fill with chilled Ice Wine
    Garnish with edible gold flakes
    Austershalin Brandy (Scott Lynch’s Lies of Locke Lamora):
    In a snifter
    1 part Stone’s Original Green Ginger Wine
    1 part Pierre Ferrand Cognac 1840 Original Formula Cognac

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