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Discounted rooms on the 6th floor available for WisCon 43

Jess Adams


WisCon is pleased to offer a limited number of discounted rooms on the sixth floor of the Concourse Hotel.  Because there are so few discounted rooms available — this year we have 5 — we’re offering them via a lottery.

The discount applies to specific rooms on the sixth floor of the Concourse.  This is the floor where many parties happen in the evening and also where the safer spaces and the Con Suite are.  This means that these rooms are subject to more noise generated by foot traffic, elevators, and so on. If you are someone who needs a very quiet room with not many people passing by at all hours, then the discounted rooms may not be a good fit for you.

How can you enter the lottery for a room?

We are accepting requests until  April 22 (closing at 11:59pm Central Time). After the request window closes, we will get in touch to let you know if your name was drawn in the lottery to be granted a discounted room.

There is one catch! To be eligible to receive the discount, your reservation must be for at least Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night of the convention. (You may, of course, be staying longer, but you must have reserved these three nights.)  

To request to be entered into the drawing for a discount, send an email to affordability@wiscon.net, with the subject line: ROOM RATE DISCOUNT.  To be eligible for entry, your request must include the following details:

  • The first & last name your hotel reservation will be under
  • Your arrival and departure dates
  • The number of people in your party
  • Any accessibility needs you have.
  • The best email address to contact you.

Entries which do not supply the needed information will not be entered into the lottery. Please limit submissions for the discount lottery to one entry per party.

See you at WisCon!