2022 Con Guidebook and Program Details

This page is about WisCon 2022. We’re leaving it up for historical purposes, but it’s now out of date.



This year we are not printing a physical Program Book. The information usually found in the Program Book is instead available here as PDFs (in small and large format), and within the WisSched mobile app.

The Con Guidebook has information about WisCon policies and spaces, as well as contact information for departments like Safety. It’s especially recommended to read it if this is your first WisCon!

The Program Descriptions and Participant Bios has detailed descriptions of all program items, along with the names of panelists, and time, track, location, and Twitter hashtag, as well as a list of all program participants with their bios.

For those who prefer printed materials, there will be a few printed copies of the PDFs near Registration. You are also welcome to print a copy for yourself, or request us to print a copy for you (via a form sent by email to all registered members).