Announcing Visioning WisCon: a very low-key virtual event


This spring (unlike last spring) has gone fast, but we’ve found the time to be sad about the lack of a WisCon this year as much as we have been hearing you are missing it. But we looked at our energy levels (sadly low) and our virtual-event-expertise levels (also pretty low), and we had to conclude that we weren’t going to be able to do a second WisCONline.

BUT! We heard from lots of you, and you said you miss lobby-con, where folks usually get to relax and chat with other con-goers, and bar-con, where folks get to relax and chat with other con-goers, except more dimly lit and with a drink.

Well. We DO have the energy and expertise for that! We’re setting up a group video chat space, complete with a bar (virtual) and a pool (also virtual) and sofas (you guessed it: virtual), and we would love it if you can join us there on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend!

BUT WAIT. There’s more! We’ll have spontaneous programming, and, less spontaneously, discussions of what the future of WisCon should look like. And even less spontaneously, we will be hosting a few of WisCon’s familiar special events — including the Otherwise Auction!

Come meet up with the folks you miss seeing at the con in person, hold a spontaneous panel, attend an event or two, and help us to use some of this time to talk about where WisCon has been and where we should be headed. Our platform does support real-time captioning when accessed using a Chrome browser and is keyboard-navigable.

We’ll have blog posts (nearly) every day between now and Memorial Day weekend, to share more details about how to attend, how to spin up a spontaneous program, the event schedules, and to lay some groundwork for discussing the future of WisCon.

We wanted to get this announcement out before more time slipped away, so you can make plans! (Apologies that this is so late; in my defense, time is fake and jobs are the worst.)

We will be asking folks to register, so we can send you the information you need to attend. Our base membership price is FREE! Memberships priced at $10 help us make the next in-person convention happen; $60 memberships go to our Member Assistance Fund, helping folks attend in 2022; the $200 memberships help assure that WisCon can keep happening past 2022. The program space will be open 4pm to 11pm Central time, Saturday May 29 & Sunday May 30.

Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime, register here!

3 thoughts on “Announcing Visioning WisCon: a very low-key virtual event”

  1. If you are doing fan tables, Chicon is interested in doing one via Discord. Helen, our con chair, is available Sunday, if you would like a panel promoting WorldCons. Both DC and Chicago have funds available for giving away memberships and other funds to enable POC and members of the LGBTQ+ community to attend and we can’t give money to people if they don’t know about it. We are also looking to recruit panelists. I personally will not be attending.

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