WisCon Kids’ Programming Needs You!

This year, WisCon Kids’ Programming is trying a new approach. Kids’
Program activities have their own track in the Panel Signup. For more information on how to sign up for panels, check out this post on our blog.

We’re hoping to get different people to volunteer for each hour of Kids’ Programming, to enrich the activities we can offer our kids, and to share the work so that Kids’ Program volunteers get time to enjoy
WisCon themselves.

WisCon is full of people who have learned how to do a few cool things! Some of you would enjoy the opportunity to teach one of those things to an interested group of kids. Kids’ Programs can offer you an hour and fifteen minutes, a small group of kids (6-11 years old), an adult assistant, and whatever materials our small budget can cover. Sign up for Panel Programming, in the Kids’ Programs track, and send email to kidsprograms@wiscon.net with questions or a description of what you’d like to do.

If you don’t want to run an activity, you can be the second adult in
the room. In this role, you have to be flexible. You might be
assisting with materials for a craft activity, or building Legos or
jigsaw puzzles with the kids who don’t want to do the main activity,
or firmly redirecting the energies of a kid who doesn’t want to do the
main activity and is trying to have a swordfight in that space
instead. To volunteer for this role, sign up for a panel in Panel
Programming, in the Kids’ Programs track, but don’t click the button
that says you volunteer to moderate this panel.

If you want to do more to help create a welcoming space for kids at
WisCon, consider joining the Kids’ Programming Team on ConCom. Share the work and the decision-making that make WisCon happen!

Volunteering at WisCon entitles you to the Volunteer Gift.
Volunteering for six hours entitles you to a rebate of part of your
membership fee.

If you have any questions, email kidsprograms@wiscon.net.

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