Nalo Hopkinson Signing at the PM Press Booth

Report from Planet Midnight Nalo Hopkinson

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Saturday, May 28th, Nalo Hopkinson will be at the PM Press Booth from 2:30 – 3:30pm to sign her book Report From Planet Midnight.

Published in 2012, Hopkinson’s Report From Planet Midnight takes on sexism and racism in the publishing industry. Also included is her short stories Message In A Bottle, a time travel story with a twist, Shift, an erotic adventure, and PM Press’ Outspoken Interview with the author.

Nalo Hopkinson is the author of Falling in Love With Hominids, Midnight Robber, and Brown Girl in the Ring. She is a recipient of the John W. Campbell Award, the Andre Norton Award, a two-time recipient of the Sunburst Award for the Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, and the World Fantasy Award. She is also WisCon’s 40 Guest of Honor.

Breaking down the genre walls to open up conversations of race and ethnicity in SF and Fantasy, we’re honored to have Nalo Hopkinson at WisCon! Make sure to head over to the PM Press Booth on Saturday and get your own signed copy of Report From Planet Midnight!

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  1. Fantastic, thanks very much WisCon folks!
    This is going to be a great signing.
    If folks want to share the info on facebook, please invite here->

    And here’s more about this wonderful book:

    Nalo Hopkinson has been busily (and wonderfully) “subverting the genre” since her first novel, Brown Girl in the Ring, won a Locus Award for SF and Fantasy in 1999. Since then she has acquired a prestigious World Fantasy Award, a legion of adventurous and aware fans, a reputation for intellect seasoned with humor, and a place of honor in the short list of SF writers who are tearing down the walls of category and transporting readers to previously unimagined planets and realms.

    Never one to hold her tongue, Hopkinson takes on sexism and racism in publishing in “Report from Planet Midnight,” a historic and controversial presentation to her colleagues and fans.

    “Message in a Bottle,” a radical new twist on the time travel tale that demolishes the sentimental myth of childhood innocence; and “Shift,” a tempestuous erotic adventure in which Caliban gets the girl. Or does he?

    And Featuring: our Outspoken Interview, an intimate one-on-one that delivers a wealth of insight, outrage, irreverence, and top-secret Caribbean spells.


    “A genuine vitality and generosity…one of the more important and original voices in SF.” —Publishers Weekly

    “Out-of-the-ordinary science fiction.“ —Kirkus Reviews

    “The plot and style get an early grip on you, the reader, and you don’t let go till story’s end. Hopkinson is a genuine find!“ —Locus

    “Hopkinson has had a remarkable impact on popular fiction. Her work continues to question the very genres she adopts, transforming them from within through her fierce intelligence and her commitment to a radical vision that refuses easy consumption.” —Globe and Mail

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