Open call for games, game masters, and gaming volunteers!


WisCon Gaming is looking for tabletop games, game masters, and gaming volunteers for WisCon 40! On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, from 8pm to midnight, we will host board, storytelling, and role-playing games open to convention members. We are enthused to offer an alternative way to enjoy WisCon evenings in a (sometimes) quieter, more intimate setting… over dice and cards! Interested in playing with us? Read on.


WisCon needs games! Please email us at if you have a game or are interested in seeing a particular game at the table this year. Please answer the following questions as relevant to your offering or request:

Are you bringing a game you’d like to keep with you, but run in the public Gaming Space? Please share a description of the game and what night(s) you’d like to run it.

Are you bringing a game you’re offering to leave with Gaming through the course of the convention, for others to play at the public Gaming Space? Please provide a description of the game. We will take the best care we can with your game, but there is always risk in loaning games to a public gathering.

Do you have a game you’d like to donate to WisCon? To make sure we have the storage space to accept your offering, please provide dimensions of the box or book, as well as the game’s condition. We are also accepting dice, pencils, and other gaming supplies.

Do you have a game you’d like to see at WisCon? Please share a description of the game, how to find it, and if you’d like to play or run it should a copy be found. We are happy to put a call out for specific games attendees request!

Popular board games tend to be those with simpler mechanics or rules and those that take two hours or less. Get in touch to share your ideas!

Game Masters

WisCon is looking for people who want to run storytelling and role-playing games! Please email us at if you’d like to run a tabletop RPG or LARP. To help us reserve space for your game, please email us before our March 18 deadline. (But do feel free to get in touch after; we may be able to cast a Location Spell.) Some of the information we’d like from you includes:

  • a description of the game
  • how long the game will take
  • how many players you’ll need
  • evening(s) you’d like to run the game (Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday)
  • any other logistics we should keep in mind to make the game happen

WisCon is especially interested in games that fit well within the convention’s themes (e.g., feminism, identity politics, and social and cultural theory). Rules that are familiar or easy for new players to learn tend to be the most successful. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

Gaming Volunteers

WisCon needs Gaming volunteers! If you’d like to volunteer in the public Gaming Space, and/or help with Gaming before the convention, please get in touch with Let us know if there’s a particular game you’d like to play or help teach on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings.

Stay tuned for games we will be offering at WisCon 40, to be announced in April!

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