Volunteer Drinking Game

Here’s a fun game: take a drink (alcoholic or non, we don’t care) each time you see or hear the word volunteer this weekend. The restroom is thataway…
That’s because WisCon is run by volunteers. Everyone from the president of SF3, our parent organization, down to the person who picks out desserts for the Dessert Salon (which would be me, by the way) is a volunteer as is every moderator, panelist, Con Suite attendant, bake salesperson… pretty much everyone. The only paid positions, in fact, are the childcare workers.
There are many, many opportunities to join in the fun whether you have time at-con or at home. We are always recruiting. At-con you can check out the Volunteer Board near registration then contact volunteer@wiscon.info. We need people with all sorts of experience to do all sorts of things. If you see something that suits you and volunteer your time, you can earn a beautiful commemorative book with a story from each of our Guests of Honor. If you give us at least 6 hours of your time, you can also earn a $20 refund on your membership.
At home, you can check out blog.wiscon.info/open-concom-positions/ then contact recruitment@wiscon.info if anything listed for WisCon 40 tickles your fancy.

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