Request ASL/CART by April 1st; Create handouts for your panels

Katie Wagner

Request ASL or CART for WisCon 39!

This year WisCon plans to expand accessibility by including CART (Communication Access Real Time) along with ASL (American Sign Language). CART benefits all, including Deaf participants, participants with mild hearing loss, participants who are deaf but aren’t fluent in ASL, participants who learn best visually, and ESL participants. The deadline to request ASL or CART is April 1st.  Bear in mind that due to budget limitations, CART and ASL will be offered during regular business hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As usual, CART will be provided for the Guest of Honor Speeches. If you have questions, please contact Katie Wagner at

Request for papers and/or keywords for panels

As part of expanding accessibility, this year WisCon aims to provide copies of papers, keywords, and notes for most, if not all, of the panels. Doing so will help deaf/hard-of-hearing participants, CART providers, and interpreters follow along while increasing universal access.  In order to do meet this goal we need YOUR help!  If you are on a panel, please send a copy of your notes, keywords, or actual paper to Katie by May 20th so she can make copies before the convention. Please do not worry about grammar and spelling. First drafts are fine.  Katie can be reached at:

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