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Disability Audit

WisCon is conducting a Disability Justice Audit. We would like to know about everyone’s experiences regarding accessibility, disability, and justice at WisCon. If you’ve ever attended WisCon, in any capacity, please fill out this survey by July 31. If you’re short on spoons or time, we ask that you focus on the questions marked with an asterisk (*). Your answers will help us determine the direction of future programming and accommodations at WisCon.

The Disability Justice Audit committee is not requesting any personally identifying information in this survey. We will anonymize info or quotes from survey results if presenting them in our audit conclusions.

The survey is here:

WisCon Gap Year Discord Launched

Over Memorial Day weekend, we launched our gap year Discord server a place for all WisCon loving folks to chat, organize and attend virtual events, and make friends. This server will be available all year long, not just for a weekend.

To join, fill out this form and we’ll send you an invite link:

If you have any questions, email We hope to see you soon!